W. John Hayden

Professor of Biology

University of Richmond

Richmond, VA 23173 USA

804-289-8232 Faculty Office
804-289-8233 Departmental FAX Machine
jhayden (at) richmond (dot) edu

I am a botanist with interests in the morphology, anatomy, and systematics of plants. My research concerns plants of the family Euphorbiaceae, Virginia flora, and, most recently, Yucatan ethnobotany and floristics. In addition to my regular duties as a faculty member, I curate the University of Richmond Herbarium (URV) and I am primary care provider for the plants in the Department of Biology greenhouses. My hobbies include gardening, photography, classical guitar, and restoring Bruno, my 1952 International Harvester pick-up truck.

My Curriculum Vitae (July 2019)

Courses that I teach or have taught (since 2000):

  • Biology 100 - Biology of Plants (general education course)
  • Biology 102 - Exploring Human Biology
  • Biology 199 - Introduction to Biological Thinking: Mesoamerican Ethnobotany
  • Biology 215 - Integrative Biology II - How Plants and Animals Work
  • Biology 216 - Botany
  • Biology 303 - Plant Morphology
  • Biology 305 - Plant Anatomy: syllabus; lab taxa photographs
  • Biology 306 - Systematic Botany: syllabus; recognition list
  • Botanical Research/Service/Activities at UR:

  • Research
  • Herbarium - The University of Richmond Herbarium (URV)
  • Greenhouses of the Department of Biology
  • Conifer Diversity
  • Flora of Kaxil Kiuic (Yucatan)
  • Atlas of Anatomy and Morphology of Croton glandulosus var. septentrionalis
  • Gardening:

    [coming sometime]Our garden - Follow this link to our current garden in Powhatan County, VA.

    Landscape plant pages - created for students of botany, horticulture, and landscape design

    New series (2013 onwards):

    Old series:

    Other Web Pages:

    Links to botanical sites created by UR students:


    updated 8 November  2017