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Textbooks for Summer 2015 classes

MBA 506: Economics for Managers M&B3 by Dean Croushore.


M&B3 Published. The third edition of my textbook M&B was published by Cengage in early 2014. To order a copy, or for more information, go to this link to Cengage.


New paper. "The Continuing Power of the Yield Spread in Forecasting Recessions" is now available at SSRN by clicking this link.


Macroeconomics, 8th edition, Published. My textbook on macroeconomics for intermediate macroeconomics courses, co-authored with Andrew Abel and Ben Bernanke, has been revised. To order a copy, or for more information, go to this link to Pearson.

ABC8e textbook



JabRef file available for Real-Time Bibliography. For geeks who use JabRef or other LaTeX bibliography managers, I have now posted the output of my JabRef file containing all my notes and bibliographic information for the real-time data bibliography, containing the largest collection of real-time research known to (this) man. This will make updates much quicker and easier than the old Word file.


Data Converter. Dealing with data of different frequencies (ex: monthly and quarterly) requires converting to the lower frequency. This data converter makes it easy to do.


Curriculum Vitae



Dr. Dean Croushore is Professor of Economics and Rigsby Fellow at the University of Richmond. Dr. Croushore came to the University of Richmond in 2003 after 14 years at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, where he was Vice President and Economist. The focus of his research in recent years has been on forecasting and on how data revisions affect monetary policy, forecasting, and macroeconomic research. Dr. Croushore’s publications include articles in many leading economics journals. He is author of M&B, published by Cengage, and co-author with Andrew B. Abel and Ben S. Bernanke of Macroeconomics, 8th edition, published by Pearson/Addison Wesley.



concurrent positions

Visiting Scholar, Real-Time Data Research Center, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia


Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University

editorial positions

Associate editor, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking


Associate editor, Journal of Business and Economic Statistics


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