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Blogs on Monetary Policy

These blogs examine current monetary policy issues related to my textbook M&B, published by Cengage.


I plan to write a blog posting around the time of each FOMC meeting so that instructors can discuss key issues about monetary policy in class.

If you use CourseMate, you can get these blogs along with questions that you can assign to your students.


March The Fed Is Out of Patience

September Now Is the Time to Start the Normalization Process



January A Happy New Fed Year

February Farewell to Chairman Bernanke

April Dodd-Frank Has Teeth

May Ten Key Issues Facing New FOMC Members

July Better Economic Models for the Fed

August An Inflationary Scenario



January Monetary Policy and the Fiscal Challenge

March The FOMC Stands Pat

June Quantitative Easing Continues, But Markets Fret

August Monetary Policy, Driven by Data

September Will the Fed Reduce Quantitative Easing?

November Quantitative Easing Continues



January The Fed's Interest Rate Projections

March Good Labor Market News

April Unemployment Claims Down, Inflation Rising

June Employment Data in Real Time

August Unemployment and Educational Attainment

September Bernanke Justifies Fed Action

December More Quantitative Easing on the Way


Macro Views

Macro Views is a column devoted to the discussion of monetary policy issues for the long run. It will not focus on short-term decisions by the FOMC but rather on major issues faced by monetary policymakers and the strategy of monetary policy. Send me an e-mail if you would like be included on the list to receive Macro Views (for free) when each new issue is written. (Discontinued after March 2008)
  March 2008 Why Policymakers Can't Rely on Inflation Data

February 2008 Stop Stagflation Speculation

January 2008 Fed Moved by Credit Squeeze, Not Stock Meltdown

November 2007 On the Fed's New Forecasts

May 2007    Inverted Yield Curve, But No Danger of Recession

April 2007   The Fed's Worries about Inflation

March 2007   The Fed's Forecasts

February 2007  The Fed's Panic Attack