The Spider Speaks Kiswahili

1. Who takes Kiswahili at UR?

Since the Self-Paced Kiswahili course has been instituted, close to twenty students have taken the course. Studentsí interests in taking the course are manifold but fall into three main categories:
  1. International Studies majors with an interest in Africa concentration
  2. Students with special interest in linguistic studies or research projects in Africa.
  3. Students interested in learning a non-Indo-European language
  4. Students driven by sheer intellectual curiosity

2. Who took Kiswahili at UR?

Before the launching the Self-Paced program under which (link) Kiswahili and Portuguese are taught, one student who had spent a semester in Tanzania and who had the basics of everyday conversation, took Intermediary Kiswahili as an independent study. Since then, the following students took the course:
  1. Fall 1995 & Spring 1996
  2. Fall 1996 & Spring 1997
  3. Fall 1997 & Spring 1998
Kiswahili, the Way to a Fullbright or Graduate School !

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