Dr. Kasongo M. Kapanga
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Office: Puryear Hall, 216
Phone: 289-8104

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La Boîte Animée

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Linguistic Map Self-Paced Program
Kiswahili Language Aims of the Course
Prospective Students Methodology
Books and Documents First-year Kiswahili: 197-02 & 198-02
Multi-Media Resources Second-year Kiswahili: 297-02 & 298-02
Future of Kiswahili Swahiliphone Countries
Kiswahili Culture Kiswahili and Kwaanza
Professional Organizations Coordinator
Former Students Drill Instructor

What did Steven Spielberg do first before making The Lion King?
He had to learn Kiswahili ! !
Kiswahili, the Way to success !!