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The Milton Society of America

The Milton Society of America, an allied organization of the Modern Language Association of America (MLA), was founded in 1948.

It aims to further scholarship on John Milton, to cite outstanding scholars in the field, to publish an annual booklet summarizing the work of the society, and to promote the exchange of ideas about Milton.

At present, the society includes 575 members, chiefly from the USA and Canada but also from 10 other nations.

The society has its annual dinner-meeting on December 28th in the city where the MLA Convention is held. In addition to the dinner-meeting, the society sponsors two 75-minute sessions in conjunction with the MLA. Such sessions are listed in the MLA Convention program.

The society's annual booklet includes members and their addresses, works in progress, the Constitution & Bylaws, and other information. This booklet is distributed at the annual dinner-meeting. For members who do not attend, the booklet is mailed to them.

If you choose to join the society, on or about October 1st you will receive from the secretary an information-letter about upcoming activities, including the dinner-meeting and the sessions sponsored in conjunction with the MLA.

Regular membership is $20.00 per year; graduate student membership is $10.00 per year; lifetime membership is $250.00. If, however, you are a Miltonist outside the USA or Canada, membership is gratis.

For more information, please visit the Milton Society of America web site.


Last updated:  12-Jan-2011.