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May 4, 1998: MILTONREVIEW [12] now available!
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MILTON REVIEW is a home for juried reviews of
  • Books about the life or work of John Milton, or
  • Books about anything that Milton might have read, or
  • Books about any author of interest to Milton scholars.

Critical perspectives might include:

New historicist Semiotic Formalist
New Critical Deconstructionist Postmodern
    or other critical schools yet to be thought of

Authors and artists might include:

Euripides DuBartas Puritanism
Bunyan Blake Jonson
Marvell Sidney Johnson
Jean Diodati Galileo Paracelsus
Augustine Cowper Iris Murdoch
Dylan Thomas Mary Wroth Francis Bacon
Defoe Frescobaldi Seneca
Michelangelo Handel Origen
    and you-name-it

    While MILTON REVIEW is not interactive, readers may make comments on reviews on the sister discussion group, Milton-L (an electronic discussion devoted to the life, literature and times of John Milton; to subscribe send the message "subscribe Milton-L" to

    Reviews will be archived on the Books Reviewed Page.

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subscribe Milton-Review
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MILTON REVIEW is published by Roy Flannagan (Ohio University) and Kevin J.T. Creamer (University of Richmond). Material published in MR remains in the copyright of the authors, who grant to MR right of first publication and the right to reproduce material published here in collections of our own.

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MILTON REVIEW © 1995-1998 Roy C. Flannagan and Kevin J.T. Creamer.


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