FEEDBACK: Video By Artists

Organized in collaboration with University Museums, FEEDBACK: Video by Artists is an exhibition and screening series that draws connections between historical and contemporary approaches to video.

The exhibition component of FEEDBACK features historical works that are representative of four common approaches toward independent media production during the 1970s: performance, documentary, appropriation, and narrative.

As video recording equipment became more readily available, artists began experimenting with video, using it to document artistic production, critique dominant forms of mass media, and introduce an electronic element to installation, sculpture, and performance-based art.

As technologies advanced, more artists created autonomous video art, which ultimately led to the development of aesthetics and criticism based upon video’s unique formal and theoretical elements.

The FEEDBACK screenings serve as an extension of the historical exhibition, highlighting the similarities and transformations between video in its nascent form and contemporary video art.

FEEDBACK also features lectures by Tom Sherman and Stephen Vitiello and videos produced by students from the University of Richmond and Virginia Commonwealth University.

  Jeremy Drummond
Assistant Professor of Art
University of Richmond
Ralitza Dionissieva, '11
Marketing Major
University of Richmond
Bertrand Morin, '11
Studio Arts Major
University of Richmond