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Dr. Uliana Gabara, Associate Provost for International Education,

listens to one of the several speakers we had during

our visit to India


We are a free and sovereign people today and we have

rid ourselves of the burden of the past. We look at the

world with clear and friendly eyes and at the future

with faith and confidence.

The burden of foreign domination is done away with,

but freedom brings its own responsibilities and burdens,

and they can be shouldered in the spirit of a free people,

self-disciplined, and determined to preserve and enlarge

that freedom.


--Jawaharlal Nehru, August 15, 1947

It is beautiful country, my country. Never has nature manifested herself with such abandoned pride, never has the earth borne the traces of passionate love with such splendor. Caressed, repudiated, and loved in turn, my country stands: lushly verdant, heart-breakingly arid, and awesomely majestic. Many-hued is my country, and many-hued are my people. Creamy white, honey skinned, ebony black, and golden brown are my people, and the earth is alive with echoes of their many moods. It echoes their gaiety, their sorrow, their anger, theirrestraint. Lush green vines with sombre brown, awesome white towers above the rush of blue waters. It is a beautiful country, my country.

--Saloni, Narang, 1984


While in India we had the opportunity to visit rural

villages and observe everyday life. Several of the young

boys had shaved their heads. Eager to learn, we began to

speculate on the religious significance of this behaviour.

We soon discovered that the explanation was less intellectual

than we had imagined-- the children had head lice!



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