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The University of Richmond Faculty Summer Seminar is organized by the Office of

International Eduaction with support from the Office of the Provost. The purpose of the

seminar is to widen culural awareness on campus. The University of Richmond strives to

create an environment on its campus that is both international and interdisciplinary,

an environment in which students as well as faculty are continously learning about our

changing world. The Faculty Seminar brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary group

of faculty who meet over the course of the academic year to learn together about a given

geographic region--both sharing their own expertise and exploring completely new areas of



Participants in the 1998 Faculty Seminar to India were:

Dr. Fred Cohen, Music, Dr. Margaret Denton, Art, Dr. Rafael de Sá, Biology, Dr. Uliana

Gabara, International Studies, Dr. John Gordon, History, Dr. Kathleen Hewett-Smith, English,

Dr. Kapanga Kasongo, French, Dr. Ted Lewellen, Anthropology, Dr. Gary Shapiro, Philosophy,

Dr. Vincent Wang, Political Science, Dr. Robert Schimdt, Business, Dr. Jonathan Stubbs, Law,

Dr. Thomas Wren, Leadership.


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