Associate Professor, Music, University of Richmond, VA 804.287.1807.


I'm a dad, an ethnomusicologist with divers and vary'd research interests and a performer of manifold and sundry musiks. I live in Richmond, Virginia where I facilitate a Balinese Gamelan Orchestra and kroncong band for the local community, and a recording studio in the City Jail. At the University of Richmond I teach courses in various global music traditions, anthroplogy (of/at/with/near) music, global popular music, and the philosophical study of sound.

Current projects (in various stages of gestation):

-a study of music in "total institutions" (for now: jail/commune/monastery).

-empirical analyses of Balinese and Cuban percussion music.

-learning kroncong cello.

-learning guitar.

-a collaborative music and theater project bringing together Indonesian and Appalachian traditions and featuring Gusti Sudarta, Peni Candrarini, Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt (spring 2016).