Associate Professor, Music, University of Richmond, VA 860.989.4707


I'm a dad, an ethnomusicologist with wide research interests and a performer of many kinds of musics. I live in Richmond, Virginia where I facilitate a Balinese Gamelan Orchestra and kroncong band for the local community, and a recording studio in the City Jail. At the University of Richmond I teach courses in various global music traditions, a soundscapes course and courses focusing on ethnography and anthroplogy (of/with/near) music.

Current projects (in various stages of gestation):

-a comparative study of music as ethical practice in four small-scale communities (currently: Balinese village, Trappist Monastery, Intentional Community, City Jail).

-empirical analyses of Balinese and Cuban percussion music.

-Mapping and analyzing the Sonic Geography of Social Change in Richmond Virginia.

-learning kroncong cello.

-A summer 2018 tour to Indonesia with Rumput, which grew out of the Shadow Ballads collaborative music and theater project bringing together Indonesian and Appalachian traditions and featuring Gusti Sudarta, Peni Candrarini, Elizabeth LaPrelle and Anna Roberts-Gevalt (spring 2016).