Rating: Site Name: Site Description:
3 American Radio Relay League Public Service Communications Manual Complete text describing the organization of the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and the National Traffic System, Simulated Emergency Test exercises, mutual aid concepts, the relationship with RACES, and support for served agencies.  (Entry 010908)
3- Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN): North American Command Includes information on Salvation Army disaster response, current SATERN newsletter, information on previous disaster responses, and communications procedures and training materials.  (Entry010910)
2 "Grecian Firebolt 01" Tests MARS Operators Mettle By Bill Sexton. News release summarizing amateur radio participation in the largest nationwide disaster communications exercise conducted by the Military Affiliate Radio System in 2001.  (Entry 010909)
2 Amateur Radio Emergency Service - Virginia Section Includes current organizational structure, lists of emergency coordinators, Skywarn contacts and repeaters, and directory of communications equipment in local emergency operations centers. (Entry 010907)
2+ Irving, Texas, RACES/ARES Provides description of role of two organizations, membership requirements, pictures and configurations of standard operating locations, list of key staff, annual activity reports from 1996, and information on distinctive signs.  (Entry 0204183)
3 United States Army Military Affiliate Radio System Provides mission statement, history of the MARS program, information on MARS capabilities in various locations, capability to enter a message by Internet, benefits of membership, and information on participation.  (Entry 0206404)
3 Navy-Marine Corps Military Affiliate Radio System Information on networks and organization, emergency communications, capability to enter a radio message from the Internet, communications procedures,  training materials, and newsletter archive.  (Entry 0206405)
3 Radio Emergency Associated Citizens Teams International List of state and local organizational units, description of national committee responsibilities, organizational history through 1995, mission statement, copies of memorandums of agreement, information on organizing a local team, and organizational news.  (Entry 0206406)
2 Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service An unofficial site maintained by a California RACES member that includes contact information for RACES personnel, a description of RACES, and information on RACES wide area nets. (Entry 0206407)
3+ California Auxiliary Communications Service Includes history and mission, staff listing and contact information, list of nets, newsletter and bulletin archive, and sample emergency communications plans.  (Entry 0206408)
3 Civil Air Patrol Communications Includes a variety of technical materials applicable to Civil Air Patrol communications, the communications network plan, and printable communications publications.  (Entry 0206409)