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Mount Hood—History and Hazards of Oregon's Most Recently Active Volcano Describes the eruptive history of Mount Hood, located in northern Oregon, and provides hazard assessment for future volcanic activity. (Entry 0202266)


The Activity of Arenal Volcano History of Cerro Arenal, a Costa Rican volcano, from 1968 through 1998. (Entry 0202267)


Volcanic Alert Levels Explained Describes the New Zealand volcanic alert level system for constantly active and reawakening volcanoes, identifies the members of each class, and provides criteria.  (Entry 0205375)  (Also listed under General Alert Levels)


Alert Levels for Kick 'em Jenny submarine volcano Seismic Research Unit at the University of the West Indies page describing alert levels, maritime exclusion zone, and probable tsunami outcomes for eruptions of a subsurface volcano.  (Entry 0205378) (Also listed under General Alert Levels and Hazards - Tsunami)