Rating: Site Name: Site Description:
2+ Field Soft A family of incident management softwares primarily oriented toward incident command system use in field command posts.   (Entry 0204366)
3+ Computer Aided Management of Emergency Operations (CAMEO) Extensive site including information on the purposes of CAMEO, technical information on the program, materials for instructors, and ability to download CAMEO.  (Entry 0204135)
3+ The Federal Emergency Management Information System (FEMIS) Provides an overview and detailed technical information about FEMIS, newsletters, and a variety technical support links.  (Entry 0204136)
2 Visual Risk Technologies Software solutions based on layering data on maps to provide visual depictions of event impact and response.  Includes hurricane and transportation modules.  (Entry 0204138)
1 Software Tools Will Help Emergency Responders Short article describing in very general terms work by Oak Ridge National laboratory to develop the Responder Assets Management System.  (Entry 0204139)

Return on Investment: Emergency Management Database Software Development

Detailed Iowa document defining operational and technical requirements for a  relational database for state emergency management use.  (Entry 0204144)
2+ Blue Emergency Management Fact sheet listing capabilities and functions of Blue 292's emergency management software. (Entry 0204145)
2+ SoftRisk Corporate site provides overview of SoftRisk software for emergency management, product history, and screen shots of key system pages. (Entry 0204146)