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3 Nuclear Weapons in the Twenty-First Century Thoughtful discussion of the role of nuclear weapons in national security policy. (Entry 0901124)
3 Introduction to Special Weapons A useful summary of Bombs for Beginners that puts the various types of weapons and delivery systems in context. (Entry 0901122)
3 Nuclear Forces Guide Extensive guide to nuclear forces and their capabilities of all the nuclear nations. (Entry 0901123)
3 Launch on Warning: The Development of U. S. Capabilities, 1959-1979 Detailed paper with abstracted supporting documents chronicling the development of nuclear warfighting strategy. (Entry 0101115) 
3- Taking Nuclear Weapons Off Hair Trigger Alert Scientific American article arguing that the major power's nuclear forces should be taken off their alert status. (Entry 0901116)
1+ Timeline to Catastrophe Back from the Brink campaign page providing example timelines for decision making and action in the initial stages of a nuclear war. (Entry 0901114)
3+ The U.S. Nuclear War Plan: A Time for Change Natural Resources Defense Council simulation of execution of nuclear war strategies. (Entry 0901121)
2 20 Mishaps That Might Have Started Accidental Nuclear War Article by Alan Philips on the Nuclear site providing a list of alleged events that brought the world close to nuclear war.  The descriptions lack depth, but the scenarios are interesting. (Entry 0901113) 
2- Israel, Palestine, and Nuclear War Suggests that the creation of a Palestinian state increases the potential for conventional war in the region and suggests a scenario for this to progress to nuclear war. (Entry 0901118)
3 Effects of Nuclear Weapons
and Nuclear War
Selected chapters from the standard Department of Defense manual on nuclear weapons effects. (Entry 0901119)
3+ The Medical Implications of Nuclear War Text of the National Academy of Sciences 1986 analysis of the short and long term medical effects of global nuclear war. (Entry 0901120)
2+ The Biological Effects of Nuclear War Interview of Paul Ehrlich discussing the possible impacts of global nuclear war on ecosystems from a doomsday perspective. (Entry 0109112) 
3 Nuclear War Survival Skills Complete text of the 1987 edition of Cresson Kearney's manual on nuclear war survival, including radiation detection, sheltering, evacuation, and effects of nuclear weapons. (Entry 0901125)
2+ The Greenbrier: Five Star Fallout Shelter Detailed description of the government relocation site underneath the Greenbrier Hotel. (Entry 0901128)
2- Fallout Shelters Information on the shelter constructed at President Kennedy's Palm Beach residence. (Entry 0901126)
1+ Indian Hills Fallout Shelters Information on fallout shelters and shelter construction in Indian Hills, Ohio. (Entry 0901127)
2- Getting Food After A Nuclear War Short article by Duncan Long providing advice with a survivalist slant on how nuclear war survivors can obtain safe food. (Entry 0109108)
1 A New Kind of Nuclear War Excerpt of a book chapter by Helen Caldicott, an influential antiwar writer, that characterizes the 1991 Gulf War as a nuclear war. (Entry 0901110)
2- Nuclear War Article by George Szamuely on an antiwar site discussing the impacts of the use of depleted uranium ammunition. (Entry 0901109)
2- A Poor Man's Nuclear War Argues that cessation of gunboat diplomacy is the only way to stop a small country or terrorist nuclear attack and provides possible scenarios. (Entry 0901111)
3 Nuclear Holocausts: Atomic War in Fiction Extensive annotated bibliography bibliography of fictional accounts of nuclear wars. (Entry 0901117)