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Phoenix Fire Department Command Procedures

The 1992 edition of the Phoenix Fire Department's standard operating procedures defining its incident command system.  Provides an example of the combination of Brunacini's original Fireground Command system with incident command systems.  (Entry 0205397)


HEICS III Hospital Emergency Incident Command System Update Project

Includes the organizational charts, plan, and frequently asked questions section reflecting some of the controversy surrounding HEICS. (Entry 0205398)


National Fire Service Incident Management System Consortium

Includes a useful history of the development of the current Consortium Incident Management System.  (Entry 0205399)


Incident Command System Overview - Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia

Provides an example of the use of an incident command system in wilderness search and rescue in Canada.  Primary adaptations are in fitting search and rescue resources into an incident command system context.  (Entry 0205400)


The Incident Command System and the Concept of Unified Command at a Terrorist Incident

A symposium paper that discusses in detail the relationship between key players in the management of a terrorist incident and the transition of command responsibilities in a unified command structure from a local jurisdiction perspective.  (Entry 0205401)


New York State Incident Command System

General information on the use of incident command. Most useful document is Governor Pataki's Executive Order establishing a standard model of incident command for New York.  (Entry 0205402)


Standardized Emergency Management System Guidelines

Go to the main California Office of Emergency Services page, in the left hand panel click on Information for Emergency Managers, and then beneath it SEMS Home.  Provides complete guidelines for all SEMS functions and copies of supporting documents.  (Entry 0205403)