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2- The Storm That Changed America: The Galveston Hurricane of 1900 by Doug Rekenthaler. Summarizes the onset and impact of the 1900 hurricane on Galveston.  In spite of title, national implications are not addressed. (Entry 010922)
3 World Wide Tropical Cyclone Names National Hurricane Center list of the 10 naming systems for tropical cyclones, with all names in the current cycle, and an explanation of naming procedures. (Entry 0301023)
3 The Florida Storm Surge Atlas Site maintained by the National Weather Service Forecast Office at Melbourne, Florida, with storm surge maps of five counties on Florida's east coast. (Entry 0204185)
3+ Tropical Meteorology Project Current and previous hurricane season forecasts by Dr. Gray's forecast team at Colorado State University. (Entry 0204186)
3+ Caribbean Hurricane Network Includes Internet reports from Caribbean Islands on the impact of hurricanes as the storms develop, with an archive of reports back to 1996.  Has a bulletin board which is promoted as helping to serve as a family locator. Includes track data for hurricanes back to 1886 mapped by Island.  (Entry 0205187)  
3 U. S. Mainland Hurricane Strikes By State, 1900-1996 List by state, and in some states by region, of the number of each category of hurricanes that have struck the state from 1900 through 1996. (Entry 0301455)
3 Summary of the NHC/TPC Tropical Cyclone Track and Intensity Guidance Models An overview of the various models used to predict hurricane tracks along with assessment of their accuracy. (Entry 0301456)
3+ NHC/TPC Archive of Past Hurricane Seasons An archive of reports and products of the Tropical Prediction Center for previous hurricane seasons, with reports to 1958 and track data to 1851.  (Entry 0301457)
3+ Forecasts - Hurricanes Benfield Greig Hazard Research Centre, University College London forecasts of hurricane activity.  (Entry 0301458)
2+ What Do Seasonal Hurricane Forecasts Mean to the Residents of Florida? A discussion of the operational impact of seasonal hurricane forecasts on members of the public. (Entry 0301459)