Rating: Site Name: Site Description:
3- The Ground Observer Corps Overview history of the Ground Observer Corps with variety of images and site summaries for individual units. (Entry 0109101)
1+ Aircraft Warning Post Describes the organization and construction of a Ground Observer Corps post on Long Island in 1941. (Entry 0109100)
1+ Citizens Mobilized To Spot Enemy Aircraft Describes the organization and construction of a Ground Observer Corps post in Albion, Michigan, in the 1950s. (Entry 010995)
1+ What Is Skywarn Links the Ground Observer Corps to the development of Skywarn, a severe weather reporting network. (Entry 0109107)
1+ Civil Defense, the Ground Observer Corps and UFOs in CT Site suggests research into Civil Defense records for evidence on unidentified flying objects and points to several instances in which Ground Observer Corps sites tracked such objects. (Entry 0109106)
3 The Royal Observer Corps: 1925-1992 Extensive history of the Royal Observer Corps, including the nuclear reporting role, supported by photographs of equipment and facilities. (Entry 0109102)
3- A Brief Pictorial History of the Royal Observer Corps A brief pictorial summary of the types of Royal Observer Corps installations with photographic records of a number of facilities showing their design and current condition. (Entry 0109103)
3+ The Royal Observer Corps Observer Corps Post Database Large database of Royal Observer Corps posts with descriptions of current conditions and photographs; good summary history of the role of the Royal Observer Corps in nuclear reporting. (Entry 010996)
3- Pinetree Line Miscellaneous: Ground Observer Corps Summary history of the Canadian Ground Observer Corps with data on organization, location of units, and unit activities. (Entry 010999)
1 The Air Force Home Guard Describes the mission and provides an brief overview of the organization of the Danish Air Force Ground Observer Corps. (Entry 0109104)
1 NORAD Selected Chronology Provides key dates for operation of the Ground Observer Corps in the United States in the context of other developments in North American air defense. (Entry 010997)
2- The Rise of Air Defense Air Force Association magazine article providing an overview of the development of North American air defense, providing context for understanding the use of ground observers. (Entry 010998)
2 Intelligence - A New Role for the Ground Observer Corps Reproduces an article from the Ground Observer Corps magazine on the use of Ground Observers to locate crashed enemy aircraft and their crews during an attack on the United States. (Entry 0109105)