Note: Event entries are in approximate chronological order of occurrence of the disaster where possible.  General information on flooding and flash flooding is placed at the top of the table.  Flooding resulting from hurricanes is listed under Hazards-Hurricanes and Typhoons.  This table does include flooding resulting from dam failures.

Rating: Site Name: Site Description:
3 List of Victims of the Johnstown Flood of 1889 By Patti Godesky. List of all victims of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania, flood of 1889, based on 1890 data, with name, age, address, whether remains were located, and, if so, where they were buried.  (Entry 010902)


The great flood of Johnstown, Pa. By Cassandra Lott. Summary of the history of the South Fork dam and an overview of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood in 1889. (Entry 010905)


"A Roar Like Thunder ..." By Johnstown Pennsylvania Information Source Online.  Provides a brief overview of the Johnstown, Pennsylvania flood in 1889. (Entry 010903)


1927 flood spawned Flood Control Act By Chad Palmer. Provides brief overview of the causation and outcomes of the 1927 Mississippi River flood.  (Entry 010906)


This Week In Quartermaster History: 1-7 April By the United States Army Quartermaster Museum.  Provides a brief summary of Quartermaster activities in response to the 1927 Mississippi River flood. (Entry 010904)


Experimental Products For Flash Flood Forecasting Descriptions and operational examples of experimental products by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration that can be used for flash flood forecasting. (Entry 0302467)


Flash Flood - Little Wild Horse Canyon - San Rafael Swell Short narrative by an unknown survivor of a canyon flash flood, accompanied by pictures of the flash flood area.  (Entry 0302470)


An Analysis of Rainfall for the July 28, 1997 Flood in Fort Collins, Colorado A detailed analysis of rainfall amounts and patterns associated with the 1997 Fort Collins, Colorado, flash flooding.  (Entry 0302471)


What We Have Learned Since
The Big Thompson Flood
A summary of the Big Thompson Flash Flood with detailed discussion of lessons learned and specific technical innovations to address flash flooding hazards.  (Entry 0302472)