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Dinosaurs' End:
he Gravitational Hypothesis
Site by F. Malmartel proposes an alternate hypothesis that change in the gravitational constant caused the demise of the dinosaurs because they simply became too heavy to function. (Entry 0202252)


Dinosaur Extinction Page from the Dinosaur Interplanetary Gazette argues that dinosaur extinction may represent the convergence of many factors to finally reach the critical point at which dinosaur species could no longer support themselves. (Entry 0202253)


What Killed The Dinosaurs? Thoughtful summary of the scientific debate on dinosaur extinction, with explanations of both extinction events and the variety of theories that have been proposed for dinosaur extinction. (Entry 0202254)


The Asteroid Impact vs. Volcano–Greenhouse Dinosaur Extinction Debate A detailed look by Dewey McLean at the evolution of two major theories, detailed coverage of the volcanic and greenhouse gas theory of extinction, and a chronicle of the shabby politics that have engulfed the issue. (Entry 0202255)


A Blast from the Past!

The National Museum of Science’s buy-in of the meteor extinction theory.  Written as popular science this site shows how easy it is to represent very complex and contentious issues as simple facts that everyone knows and understands. (Entry 0202256)