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3- Development of a RACES Plan Paragraph 2-6. of Federal Emergency Management Agency CPG 1-15 (March 1991) Guidance For Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service. (Entry 0204221)  
1+ Mingo County, West Virginia, ARES Plan Short emergency communications plan for a county Amateur Radio Emergency Services organization.  Includes succession to command table. (Entry 0204220)
1 Mingo County, West Virginia, RACES Plan Brief plan for operation of a county Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services communications organization. (Entry 0204219)
1+ Mingo County, West Virginia, Skywarn Plan Brief plan for emergency weather activation of amateur radio operators along with a resource list of operators. (Entry 0204218)
3+ Alaska Section ARES Emergency Communications Plan An extensive and detailed state level Amateur Radio Emergency Services emergency communications plan with appropriate appendices, including on situation reporting and jump teams. (Entry 0204217)
3+ Juneau District Emergency Communications Plan An extensive district level Amateur Radio Emergency Services emergency communications plan.  Plan contains a large amount of material that defines standard operating procedures. (Entry 0204216)  
2+ South Sound Comm Plan & Traffic Routing Communications Plan from South Sound District 3, Washington, Amateur Radio Emergency Service.  This plan relies primarily on a circuit diagram and instructions for traffic routing.  (Entry 0204215)
3- Eastern Mass Section Amateur Radio Emergency Services Communications Plan A section level plan for the Amateur Radio Emergency Services in Massachusetts.  Some sections of the document are not available online.  (Entry 0204214)
3+ California Governorís Office of Emergency Services Auxiliary Communications Service Unit Plans Explains the basis for planning, describes the approval process, provides model plans for counties, and includes the State of California Auxiliary Communications Service Plan.  (Entry 0204213)