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3+ The Los Frailes tailings dam failure (Aznalcóllar, Spain)

Extensive and detailed coverage of the failure of a mine tailings dam in 1998.  (Entry 0203334)

2 Dam Failure Example of a hazard public information page on dam failures from the Fort Collins Office of Emergency Management.  (Entry 0203335)
3+ Dam Failure Inundation Hazard Association of Bay Area Governments dam failure pages with inundation maps for each jurisdiction and dam.  (Entry 0203336)
3 Lives lost due to dam failure An introduction to life hazard modeling for potential failure of a specific dam.  (entry 0203337)   
3+ Teton Dam Failure Narrative report and sequence of slides of the collapse of the Teton Dam in 1976.  (Entry 0203338)
3+ San Francisquito Canyon and the St. Francis Dam Extensive photo archive of the St. Francis Dam along with contemporaneous reports of its collapse and detailed list of damage claimants.  (Entry 0203339)