Rating: Site Name: Site Description:
2 E-4B Fact Sheet U. S. Air Force basic fact sheet describing the E-4B National Airborne Operations Center aircraft and its capabilities and describing the relationship with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.  (Entry 0204365)     
2+ The Carry-On Command Post Article aimed at business travelers with a focus on tools needed to perform effectively on the road in a computer environment – equipment and concepts in the article are directly applicable to mobile command post use of computers.  (Entry 0204212)    

DOD launches high-tech command post project

Article describes developmental effort to field high technology, more mobile, and more compact military command posts for future operations.  (Entry 0204211)
3 Command Post of the Future Briefing paper describing the military Command Post of the Future initiative, including explanations of the underlying theory of advanced command post role in influencing operations.  (Entry 0204210)      
3 CMU Command Post of The Future: MultiModal Command and Control Description on ongoing research in advanced technologies that supports the Command Post of the Future project.  (Entry 0204209)
2+ Command Post Communications Site for a company that provides command post trailers for wildfire incidents.  Includes external and internal pictures of trailers and their equipment and drawings of trailer layout.  (Entry 0204208)   
1+ Command Post Trailer A manufacturer’s site with line drawings of a command post trailer configuration.  (Entry 0204207)
3+ Company Command Post Operations at the JRTC A critique of typical Army unit command post operations with recommendations for improvement, suggested displays, and recommended facility layout.  Although military combat oriented the lessons have direct applicability to disaster operations.  (Entry 0204206)
1+ Command 1 A manufacturer’s page giving a brief description of the design philosophy of their command post buses, along with exterior and interior photographs.  (Entry 0204205) 
3- Mobile Shelter Systems Descriptions and pictures and drawings with brief component descriptions of a variety of military command post systems manufactured by Northrop Grumman.   (Entry 0204204)  
1 Mobile Command Post External and internal photographs of Oxnard Police Department’s mobile command post.  (Entry 0204203)
3- Santa Barbara County Sheriff's North County Search and Rescue Team Command Post Information and Photos Detailed description of the contents of the command post truck, with external and internal pictures.  (Entry 0204202)
1 Command Post Pictures of the Raymond (New Hampshire) Office of Emergency Management command post bus under construction.   (Entry 0204201)
1 St. Louis County Police Department Mobile Command Post External and internal photographs of the mobile command post.  (Entry 0204200)
1+ Command Post Provides external and internal photographs of the Wise County (Texas) Sheriff's mobile command post, along with examples of incidents on which it might be used.  (Entry 0204199)
2 The Virtual Command Post™ Concept description of a future high technology military command post by Lionheart Technologies.  (Entry 0204198)   
3- The Battery Command Post and Casemates An example of a pre-nuclear military command post in Singapore hardened against conventional artillery attack.  (Entry 0204197)  
3- Luke Air Force Base Command Post Series of pages describing the command post mission, responsibility of console operators, training, and readiness reporting.  (Entry 0204196)  
2 Incident Command Post A brief description of field and general incident command posts with required equipment for the Eastern Connecticut State University Police Department.  (Entry 0204195)  

Legal Notice Request for Proposal 0031 for Mobile Command Post Vehicle for St. Charles County Government Emergency Management Agency, St. Charles, Missouri

Detailed request for proposal with specifications for a county emergency management mobile command post.  (Entry 0204194)
3+ Aviation Company Command Posts: Nerve Center or Black Hole? An Army critique of command post operations with direct application to any command post.  (Entry 0204193)