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2- Terrorist Use of Chemical Weapons A paper written by a freshman English student at Arizona State in 1995 and updated in the aftermath of 11 September.  Presents a useful summary of the issues associated with terrorist use of chemical weapons.  (Entry 0203249)   
3 Chemical Weapons Physicians for Human Rights site discussing the use and hazards of chemical weapons and providing investigation reports for a variety of reported uses of chemical agents.   (Entry 0203248)   
3 Background on Chemical Warfare In depth site with text explanations of context and a variety of linked papers providing  explanations of chemical warfare capabilities and issues.  (Entry 0203247)
2+ A Chemical Weapons Atlas Article summarizing the state of chemical warfare programs in the nations that possess such capabilities.  (Entry 0203246)   
3+ Terrorism, Asymetric Warfare and Chemical Weapons Extended white paper detailing one assessment of the chemical terrorist threat to the United States.  (Entry 0203245)
3- An unlikely threat

An article examining the past history of the employment of chemical and biological weapons by terrorists and analyzing the potential for future use. (Entry 0203244)


Anthrax and Mass-Casualty Terrorism: What Is The Bioterrorist Threat After September 11?

Provides an analysis of the history of biological weapon use, analyzes the vulnerability of the United States to such a threat, and provides specific policy recommendations.  (Entry 0203243)   
M Assessing the Threat of WMD Terrorism Site provides context and a series of links to a variety of high quality sources on current chemical and biological terrorist threats.   (Entry 0203242)   
3- The Specter of Biological Weapons Article assessing the biological warfare threat posed by both nations and terrorists.  (Entry 0203241)  
2+ Information Paper: DoD Biological Warfare Force Protection Briefing paper describing the scope and components of the Department of Defense's capability for protection against biological warfare.  (Entry 0204265)