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3 Engineers and Building Collapse Response: From Mexico '85 To Oklahoma '95 Explains development of rescue engineers in response to building collapse and provides an overview of the engineering challenges presented in the collapse of the Murrah Federal Building.  (Entry 0203340)
3 Explosion, Fire & Building Collapse Boston Fire Department report of a three story building collapse in 1998.   (entry 0203233)  
2 Italian officials ignored tenants' complaints in apartment building collapse Description of a building collapse and of preceding prodrome in Italy in 1999.  (Entry 0203232) 
3+ New Method for Building Collapse Risk Assessment Based on Damage Data due to The 1995 Kobe Earthquake A poster session presentation which details a new approach to assessing earthquake building collapse risks.  (Entry 0203231)   
3+ Building Collapse An example of a building collapse risk assessment for a school.  (Entry 0203230) 
3 Moubray Place Building Report of response to a 1995 building collapse in Charlottesville, Virginia.  (Entry 0203229)