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2 Tacoma Narrows Bridge Disaster Photographs and commentary on the failure of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge due to wind induced oscillations in November 1940.  (Entry 0203240)  
2 Mark Ketchum's Bridge Collapse Page Pictures of the Tacoma Narrows and Koror-Babeldaob Bridge collapses with more detailed report on the Tay Bridge collapse.  (Entry 0203238)

Bridge Disasters

List of major bridge disasters with location, date, and short description of causation.  (Entry 0203239)

Walnut Street Bridge collapse--January 1996 (Harrisburg, PA)

Pictures and short narrative of a bridge collapse caused by ice and flooding.  (Entry 0203341)  
1+ Ten Years Since Major Bridge Collapse Short report on the 1987 collapse of the Interstate 90 crossing of Schoharie Creek near Amsterdam, New York, with brief information on improved vulnerability assessment techniques.  (Entry 0203237) 
1 1863, November 3: Rush Street Bridge Collapse Short report of bridge collapse in Chicago with resulting loss of animal life.  (Entry 0203236)
2- Maccabiah bridge collapse blame falls far and wide News report of 1997 collapse of a bridge at the Maccabiah games in Israel.  (Entry 0203228)
1 Merrillan Bridge Collapse Report and photographs of a 1968 collapse of a railroad bridge and resulting rail accident.  (Entry 0203235) 
2 The Lance Mitan Suspension Bridge Photographs and an anecdotal report of the pre-existing condition and collapse of a suspension bridge in Trinidad in 1998.  (Entry 0203234)