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Mystery of Aer Lingus Flight 712 Site provides extensive support to the theory that a British missile was the cause of the crash of Aer Lingus Flight 712 in 1968. (Entry 0203295)


Unsolved: The ITAVIA DC-9 Crash Site by T. Shoemaker provides an overview of the various theories of the destruction of an Italian DC-9 near Ustica in 1980.  (Entry 0203291)


Italian Officers Indicted for Cover-Up of 1980 Shootdown of Libyan Jet Association of Former Intelligence Officers newsletter with a summary of events alleged to have happened in the shooting down of an Italian DC-9 in 1980.  (Entry 0203288)


Italian air force hid pilot's body in fridge  Yet another interesting rumor in the Itavia DC-9 crash near Ustica in 1980.  (Entry 0203292)


KAL 007: The Real Story Article by James Oberg providing a summary of knowledge about the KAL 007 disaster as of 1993 and a rational and critical literature summary of alternative interpretations.  (Entry 0203282)


KAL Flight 007    An article by John Keppel supporting the argument that the KAL 007 incident was an outcome of a large scale air battle between Soviet Air Defenses and the US Air Force and Navy resulting in 10 US aircraft being shot down.  (Entry 0203284)


who killed congressman lawrence patton mcdonald?: part 1 An article detailing in considerable depth evidence proving that not only did KAL 007 land at Sakhalin Island, but that Congressman McDonald was held by the Soviets in Lubyanka Prison.  (Entry 0203287)
1 Did THIS Get Rep. Larry McDonald Killed (KAL 007; Militia Movement) Discussion board posting implying that KAL 007 was shot down to kill Representative Larry McDonald who was promoting a system that would use the militia movement to protect the United States against a United Nations takeover. (Entry 0203285)
2+ KAL 007 (Sakhalin Incident) - Follow-Up A 1999 article by Devvy Kidd arguing that KAL 007 landed on Sakhalin Island and that the passengers and crew are being held as hostages by the Russians.  (Entry 0203283)
2+ What Happened to Flight 007? Article by Robert Lee argues that KAL 007 actually landed on Sakhalin Island and that the passengers and crew were imprisoned by the Soviet Union.  (Entry 0203281)
3- Airline conspiracies abound Column by Roahn Wynar comparing conspiracy theories for the KAL 007 and TWA 800 air disasters.  (Entry 0203286)
2 Questions About TWA Flight 800: Did "Friendly Fire" Bring It Down? Article from Workers World newspaper suggests TWA 800 was destroyed by a Navy guided missile and draws a parallel with the destruction of the Italian DC-9 in 1980.  (Entry 0203289)

TWA Flight 800 Disaster: Cover-up?

Includes a long letter by William Donaldson proving that TWA 800 was shot down by a missile and that the US government covered this fact up.  (Entry 0203293)
3- TWA Flight 800 Site argues in detail that TWA 800 was shot down because of an error by the US Navy and argues that the theory of a terrorist missile is not correct.  (Entry 0203294)
M TWA 800 - Missile Website Roadmap Metasite with a large selection of links that purport to support the theory that TWA 800 was destroyed by a missile fired from a Navy ship.  (Entry 0203296)
3 Was TWA 800 Shot Down By a Military Missile? Site provides an extensive range of proof that TWA 800 was shot down by a missile.  (Entry 0203298)
3 The Hull Thread: Terrorism and the Downing of TWA Flight 800 An extensive site that argues that TWA 800 was destroyed by a missile, most probably launched by terrorists.  (Entry 0203290)
2+ Swissair 111, TWA 800, and Electromagnetic Interference Article by Elaine Scarry argues that electromagnetic interference caused the crashes of both TWA 800 and Swiss Air 111.  (Entry 0203297)

The Frequent Crashes off the Eastern United States - - -

An alternative explanation for the recent crashes of Egypt Air and Swiss Air airliners off the east coast of the United States, based on military use of ultra low frequency transmitters.  (Entry 0203279)
2 To some, crash of Flight 261 just one of many conspiracies Site explores conspiracy theories that the US Navy was responsible for the destruction of Alaska Airlines Flight 261 in 2000.  (Entry 0203299)