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2 AFAFD Standard Operating Procedure 11 One page standard operating procedure describing the establishment of incident command and modes to be used for emergency incidents by the US Air Force Academy Fire Department. (Entry 0204227)  
3+ Standard Operating Procedures for Emergency Response Units International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies standard operating procedures for the deployment of emergency response units in disasters, their personnel and equipment, and for the integration of the emergency response units into the overall International Federation response. (Entry 0204226)
3+ UC Davis Standard Operating Procedures Development Provides detailed instructions for the development of standard operating procedures, including department specific guidelines and links the standard operating procedures to the emergency operations plan.  Includes a useful table summarizing the equivalent responsibilities of various functions in the field and in the emergency operations center. (Entry 0204225)
2 Handling Suspicious Packages/Letters/Substances Involving Potential Chemical or Biological Agents University of Maryland standard operating procedures, designed in response to the potential for anthrax letters. (Entry 0204224)
3 Chaires-Capitola Volunteer Fire Department Standard Operating Procedures

A volunteer fire departmentís standard operating procedure book for both administrative and operational uses.  (Entry 0204223)

3+ Michigan Rapid Impact Assessment Team Assignments and Standard Operating Procedure Extensive Michigan State Police Emergency Management Division standard operating procedures for the state disaster assessment team. (Entry 0402222)
3 Kane County (Illinois) Crisis Management Team Guide Provides organizational structure and assigned duties for a county level crisis management team. (Entry 0204179)
3 Jasper County (Texas) Air Crash Standard Operating Procedure County level standard operating procedure for both on and off airport crashes. (Entry 0207418)