HITLERJUGEND: Germany. World War II.  The Hitler Youth was one of a series of youth organizations designed to mobilize, politically indoctrinate, and provide pre-military training to young people in the German Third Reich - in the case of the Hitler Youth young males ages 14-18.  With the advent of strategic bombing of Germany, members of the Hitler Youth were increasing detailed for wartime duties.  In addition to purely military tasks such as serving as members of Luftwaffe (German Air Force) antiaircraft artillery units as Flakhelfer, Hitler Youth performed fire fighting (for example, as members of Schnellkommandos in Hamburg), mass feeding, sheltering, property security, and other air raid protection duties in the aftermath of air raids.


Sources: Lewis, Brenda Ralph, Hitler Youth: The Hitlerjugend in War and Peace 1933-1945, Osceola, Wisconsin, United States of America, MBI Publishing Company, 2000.


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