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3+ State and Local Guide 101 Complete text of the Federal Emergency Management Agency's current guide for all hazards emergency operations planning for use by state and local governments.  (Entry 0205381)  
3+ Alaska Emergency Operations Plan The 1994 edition of the state of Alaska's emergency operations plan. (Entry 0205382)
3+ Delaware Emergency Operations Plan Complete state emergency operations plan with basic plan, emergency support function annexes, and  hazard specific appendices. (Entry 0204343)  
3+ Kentucky Emergency Operations Plan The current edition of the state of Kentucky's emergency operations plan.  Some sections not linked.  (Entry 0205382)
3+ Model Town Emergency Operations Plan A template prepared by Vermont Emergency Management in 1996.  (Entry 0205386)
3+ Baltimore County (Maryland) Emergency Operations Plan The 2000 edition of the Baltimore County emergency operations plan with functional annexes and hazard specific appendices.  (Entry 0205384)
3+ Town of Colonie (New York) Emergency Operations Plan The 2000 edition of the Town emergency operations plan.  The prefatory remarks are an excellent example of a realistic assessment of capabilities.  The document asks for a password, but loads without it.  (Entry 0205387) 
3+ Douglas County (Nebraska) Emergency Operations Plan The 1999 edition of the county plan.  Also includes plans for cities and villages within the county.  (Entry 0205385)
3+ Town of Farmville (Virginia) Emergency Operations Plan Example of a relatively brief emergency operations plan adopted by a small town in rural Virginia. (Entry 0205388)
3+ Indianapolis-Marion County (Indiana) Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan Combined city and county plan with annexes. Shows an interesting combination of traditional organization with emergency support functions. (Entry 0205383)
3 Kane County (Illinois) Hazard Analysis Complete hazard analysis from a county emergency management agency.  (Entry 0204148)
3+ Kane County (Illinois) Emergency Response Plan Plan prepared by the Kane County Local Emergency Planning Committee for response to hazardous materials incidents.  (Entry 0204178)
2+ Village of Tequesta (Florida) Hurricane Plan Plan prepared by the Fire department as a public hurricane plan.  (Entry 0204181)
3+ Guilford County (North Carolina) Emergency Operations Plan Complete county/city plan with all annexes.  Site provides departments ability to suggest changes or approve the plan online.  (Entry 0204184)
3 Ottawa County (Ohio) Terrorism Appendix to the Emergency Operations Plan Example of a terrorism appendix to a county level emergency operations plan. (Entry 0205395)
3 Jasper County (Texas) Emergency Management Plan Complete county and subordinate jurisdiction emergency operations plan, with some annexes not available due to security concerns.  (Entry 0207417)