WOMEN'S AIR RAID DEFENSE RANKS AND TITLES: United States. Hawaii. 1942-1945.  Members of the Women's Air Raid Defense in Hawaii wore rank insignia on the collar of their working uniforms and on the shoulder straps of the dress uniform to indicate their position within the organization, as shown in Table 1 below.

Table 70-1. Women's Air Raid Defense Ranks and Insignia

Position Title Insignia*
Chief Supervisor red eagle with shield, olive branch, and arrows (Army colonel's eagle insignia)
Operations Supervisor red oak leaf (Army major's oak leaf insignia)
Other Senior Staff two red bars
Shift Captain two red bars (Army captain's bars insignia)
Assistant Shift Captain red diamond worn with the short axis as the vertical axis (made from an Army Finance Corps insignia)
Senior Filterer single red bar with a white stripe**
Filterer single red bar with a blue stripe**
Senior Plotter


single red bar (Army lieutenant's bar insignia)

* Note: Although not described specifically by available sources, these insignia appear to be standard Army rank insignia painted red.

** Note: Diagrams of these insignia appear to indicate that the bar may have been ground down to create the center stripe with the ends of the bar forming two beveled squares with a lower area between them.

Sources: Chenoweth, Candace A. and A. Kam Napier, Shuffleboard Pilots: The History of the Women's Air Raid Defense in Hawaii, 1941-1945, Honolulu, Hawaii, United States of America, Arizona Memorial Museum Association, 1991.

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