REDHILL CONTAINER:  United Kingdom. 1930s into World War II.  The Redhill Container was standard British air raid precautions equipment for use in immediate response to small incendiary bombs in the 2 pound range.  The container was a metal box of sufficient strength to contain a burning magnesium incendiary bomb indefinitely.  The design of the box and its handle allowed an incipient fire fighter (whether a resident of a house or a fire warden) to place the burning bomb in the box with a scoop and then carry it away without injury.

Sources: Ogden's Cigarettes, "Extinction of Incendiary Bomb," in Air Raid Precautions, Number 17, cigarette card, published by the author, United Kingdom, no date (believed to be prior to World War II).

Entry 0360 - posted 22 July 2003