LUFTWAFFE MOTORIZED AIR RAID PROTECTION BATTALIONS:  German Third Reich. 1942-1945.  In May 1942 the motorized units of the Sichersheits und Hilfdienst were transferred to the Luftwaffe as Motorized Air Raid Protection Battalions.  Originally the Air Ministry projected the organization of 80 battalions; by 1945 the Luftwaffe had organized 53 battalions which were organized into Luftschutz Regiments and were stationed in the Luftgau (a Luftgau was an Air District, a Luftwaffe administrative, supply, and technical support organization responsible for airfields and facilities within a geographic region, and subordinate to an Air Fleet, or Luftflotte). 

The authorized strength of an Air Raid Protection Battalion was 127 vehicles:

Sources: Foedrowitz, Michael, German Firefighting Vehicles in World War II, Atglen, Pennsylvania, United States of America, Schiffer Military History, 1997.

Entry 03109 - posted 5 October 2003