CHUIKOV, VASILY I.: Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. 1964-1972.  Marshal of the Soviet Union Vasily I. Chuikov served as chief of the civil defense of the Soviet Union from 1964-1972. 

Marshal Chuikov was born in 1900 in the village of Serebranye, near Moscow, and joined the Red Army in 1918.  A regimental commander in the Russian Civil War, he attended the Frunze Academy in 1925, and filled a number of troop command and staff positions during the years before World War II.  During World War II Chuikov distinguished himself as commander of the 62nd Army during the defense of Stalingrad, and as commander of the 8th Guards Army in the Soviet advance, culminating in the capture of Berlin.  He was twice awarded the title of Hero of the Soviet Union.  Post-war assignments included command of the Soviet Group of Forces in Germany and of the Kiev Military District.  From 1960 to 1964 Marshal Chuikov served as Commander in Chief of Ground Forces.  He died in 1982 and in honor of his role in the defense of Stalingrad was interred at the site of the battle memorial on Mamayev Kurgan.

Source: The Military Book Club, Slaughterhouse, The Encyclopedia of the Eastern Front, Garden City, New York, 2002.

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