GERMAN PLANNING FOR ZEPPELIN ATTACKS ON THE UNITED STATES:  Germany. 1918.  In mid 1918 Captain Peter Strasser, Commander of the German Navy's Airship Division, proposed to Admiral Scheer that the new L-70 class Zeppelin allowed intercontinental air raids.  He suggested bombing raids on the East Coast of the United States to force aircraft, pilots, and antiaircraft artillery to be diverted to home defense, rather than be shipped to Europe.  Strasser's death on 5 August 1918, when the L-70 was shot down with the loss of all hands over England, put an end to any such planning.

Sources:Cross, Wilbur, Zeppelins of World War I, New York, New York, United States of America, Barnes & Noble, Inc., 1991.

Entry 03106 - posted 15 September 2003