AUSTIN POLICE DEPARTMENT CIVIL DEFENSE BATTALION:  United States. Texas. 2001. In the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001 the Austin, Texas, Police Department established a Major Event Team to manage response to terrorist attacks, civil unrest, or the panic resulting from such attacks (terminology used as used by the Department).  As a supplement to the Major Event Team, the Department established a civilian volunteer organization, the Civil Defense Battalion, with an objective end strength of 400 volunteers.

The mission of the Civil Defense Battalion was stated as: "to be in readiness as well trained civil defense volunteers to support the work of the Austin Police Department." (Austin Police Department 2001)

Requirements for membership in the Civil Defense Battalion included that potential volunteers of good moral character and:

The Civil Defense Battalion was organized into four Companies with specific roles:

Company A (Aviation Detail) - tasked to provide assistance to the Aviation Police at the Austin Airport.

Company B (Homeland Security Supplemental Services) - designated to assist the department's Major Event Team at special events and by providing daytime patrol of assigned downtown areas.

Company C (Headquarters Detail) - perform administrative and office duties at the main police station or other facilities.

Company D (Homeland Security) - assist the Major Event Team during critical incidents (including terrorist attacks or natural disasters).

Members wear a white shirt with a civil defense emblem.

Responsibility for program management, including recruiting, scheduling, and placement, was assigned to the Office of Community Liaison within the Austin Police Department.

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Entry 0356 - posted 20 July 2003