Assistant Professor of Emergency Services Management

School of Continuing Studies

The following links provide a variety of sources for information about emergency management designed to assist in teaching and research in the field. Some of these sites are in the process of being transferred from other servers to the University, and will continue to grow in content during the Spring Semester of 2001 as files are moved across.

The Electronic Journal of Emergency Management

The first on-line, peer reviewed, electronic journal in emergency management specializing in short articles reporting new research in disaster characteristics and response phase operations and management.

Notes on the Science of Extreme Situations

A peer reviewed online journal that reports research in progress and initial steps in theory development in emergency management and disaster science.

Integrated Emergency Management Benchmark

A meta-site with selected, reviewed links to library, agency, and event related sites of potential use for student and faculty research and teaching.

The Electronic Encyclopedia of Civil Defense and Emergency Management

A growing collection of short entries describing people, organizations, and programs regarding the history of civil defense and current emergency management practices in the United States and other countries.

The Virtual Emergency Operations Center

The Virtual Emergency Operations Center is a volunteer staffed, operational emergency operations center that supports state, local, and voluntary agencies by near real time dissemination of situation and other information during disasters.


The Disaster Database Project


The Disaster Database Project is a living database of all types of disaster events that impact local jurisdictions, states, regions, and nations.  Content is continually being revised and updated.


Section on Emergency and Crisis Management


The website for the American Society for Public Administration’s Section on Emergency and Crisis Management.


Conference Papers


The following papers have been presented at academic and professional conferences:


The Future of Disasters: Interesting Trends for Interesting Times - paper prepared for WorldFuture 2003: 21st Century Opportunities and Challenges, San Francisco, California, 18 July 2003.


Certification in Business Continuity - paper presented at the Partners In Emergency Preparedness Conference, Seattle, Washington, 22 April 2003


Managing Complex Emergencies With Tight Constraints: The Highway Incident Management Problem - paper presented at the 2003 Transportation Safety And Security Conference of the International Emergency Management Society, Washington, District of Columbia, 29 January 2003.


The Incident Command System for Public Health Disaster Responders - paper presented at the August 2002 Meeting of the Public Health Task Group, Richmond Metropolitan Medical Response System Richmond, Virginia, 21 August 2002


On-Line Training and Education in Emergency Management: Perspectives Based on Experience - paper provided for the 2002 Federal Emergency Management Agency State Training Officers Conference, Emmitsburg, Maryland, 6 April 2002.


Terrorism: Some Notes on History and Context – paper presented at the November 2001 Meeting of the Business Recovery Association of Virginia and the Virginia Information Security Exchange, Richmond, Virginia, 14 November 2001


Integrated Medical Disaster Response: A Case Study of the Virginia Emergency Medical Services System - paper presented at the 2001 Conference of the American Academy of Medical Administrators, Las Vegas, Nevada, 27 October 2001


The Virtual Emergency Operations Center:  An Internet Approach to Emergency Management Work - paper presented at the 2001 Virginia Emergency Management Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, 13 March 2001


E-Emergency Management: The Operational State of the Art - paper presented at the 2000 Conference of The International Emergency Management Society, Orlando, Florida, 17 June 2000.


What Is A Disaster? - paper presented at the 2000 Virginia Critical Incident Stress Management Conference, Virginia Beach, Virginia, 2 June 2000


Mass Casualty Incident Management: The Virginia Model – paper presented at the 2000 National Disaster Medical System Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 2 May 2000.


A Development Model for a Statewide Medical Disaster Response System - paper presented at the 2000 National Disaster Medical System Conference, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1 May 2000


And the Water Kept Rising: The Virginia Health and Medical Response to Hurricane Floyd - paper presented at Disaster 2000, the disaster conference of the Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation, Orlando, Florida, 28 April 2000


The Virtual Emergency Operations Center - paper presented at the 2000 Conference of the State and Local Emergency Management Data Users Group, Orlando, Florida, 25 April 2000


Sending Help: The Lessons Learned from Deploying Virginia Emergency Medical Services Task Forces - paper presented at the 2000 Virginia Emergency Management Conference, Williamsburg, Virginia, 20 March 2000


Other Papers


The following papers have been prepared as white papers on particular disaster issues:


Changes to the Disaster Database Project – configuration control paper identifying rationale for changes to the Disaster Database Project, Richmond, Virginia, 25 April 2003