Dr. Samuel A. Abrash

Associate Professor
Gottwald Science Center, C208
University of Richmond, VA 23173
office phone : (804) 289-8248
home phone : (804) 323-7363
E-mail: sabrash@richmond.edu


Resources for Courses

Chem 309-310 Physical Chemistry

This page has in a very convenient form thermochemical data, mass spectroscopic data and infrared spectra for a large number of molecules.


Useful and Interesting Chemistry Links.

This site is a tool for learning how to interpret NMR and IR spectra. It consists of a library of problems in NMR and IR spectroscopy ranging in difficulty from introductory to advanced. The site also includes instructional materials and tools to assist students in learning about NMR and IR spectroscopy.

This is an amazing chemistry site. Although it puts advertisements and items for sale first, it provides access to a large number of useful sites and programs. It includes links to 100 free chemistry databases, chemical industry www yellow pages, chemistry software, including freeware and shareware, Online Journals, Patents, Jobs, Reaction Mechanisms, Sites and Tools for Spectroscopy, Information on Chemistry Societies Worldwide, and a large index of other chemistry related websites.

This site allows you to search for a number of molecules by name, formula or CAS number. It allows searches by structure if you have ChemDraw with the appropriate plug-in. For the molecules in its data base it provides a variety of useful physical properties. (Thanks to Suzanne Vogel for bringing this to my attention.)

A very good source on undergraduate level physical and general chemistry (lots of images, videos etc.)

A good source on graduate level quantum chemistry (it's a whole book, with diagrams, images, refs etc.)

A lot of good information, and lots of links.

Quantum Chemistry tutorials, images, very good protein-oriented site.

An excellent site for information about transition states, with images.

The site contains some high-quality images (available in their gallery). It is especially
good for proteins and solid state materials.

This site has lots and lots of links, but more computational rather than quantum
chemical resources.

Few but good quality images of molecules etc, and a video of an MD simulation.

This site has lots of links to computational chemistry resources.

Research Projects

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