The Ranch

Ceremony 220: "He got up and went outside. The sun was behind the clouds, and the air was cool. There were blue-bellied clouds hanging low over the mountain peaks, and he could hear thunder faintly in the distance. He walked along the road. A year before he had ridden the blind mule, and Hartley rode the burro. Pa'to'ch was standing high and clear; months and years had no relation to the colors of gray slate and yellow sandstone circling it."

From the ranch gate, looking NNW.
To the left is Pa'to'ch Butte; to the right is (blue) Mt. Taylor;
exactly halfway between them, as seen from this spot, is the break in the
line of mesas that leads to the Dripping Springs.

Ceremony 221: "I'm camped up by the spring,' she said, pointing at the canyon ahead of them. 'Here, this way. I'll show you.'"