CORE Ceremony: index of some local resources

Mapping Ceremony I:  embedded text vs. prose narrative

R. M. Nelson, "Rewriting Ethnography: Embedded Texts in Leslie Silko's Ceremony" (from Telling the Stories: Essays on American Indian Literatures and Cultures, eds. Elizabeth Hoffman Nelson and Malcolm Nelson [New York: Peter Lang, 2001] 47-58).

_____, "Mapping the Embedded Texts" (unpublished ms.)

Chart depicting the formal structure of the novel (graphing the location of embedded text with respect to the prose narrative)

Mapping Ceremony  II:  the landscape of Ceremony

R. M. Nelson, "The Function of Landscape in Ceremony" (from Place and Vision: The Function of Landscape in Native American Fiction [New York: Peter Lang, 1993]; rpt. in Leslie Marmon Silko's Ceremony: A Casebook, ed. Allan Chavkin. [New York: Oxford U P, 2002] 139-73).

Aerial survey (topographical) map of New Mexico

Map of northwest New Mexico

Map of the area around Laguna pueblo emphasizing placenames mentioned in the novel

Map of the area around Laguna pueblo emphasizing topographical features named in the novel

Photos of places and people mentioned in the novel

Mt. Taylor: see Lalo's place and the ranch

Lalo's place (and Mt. Taylor)


the ranch

Jackpile Mine

Paguate Village

Engine Rock

"Old Man Jeff"

"Old Benny"

About Silko

R. M. Nelson, "Leslie Silko, Storyteller" (The Cambridge Companion to Native American Literature, eds. Kenneth Roemer and Joy Porter [forthcoming]).

Photos of Silko

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