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These are course syllabi in American Indian literatures courses donated by various ASAIL members. They are presented in alphabetical order by surname of the instructor(s) who created the syllabus.

Chad Allen (Ohio State University)
ENGLISH 583: Indigenous Literature and/as Film: Adaptation, Marketing, and the Consumption of Native Images
Indigenous Voices: Fourth World Literature

Eric Gary Anderson (George Mason University)
ENGLISH 202  Native American Literature
ENGLISH 363  Native American Literature

Ellen Arnold (East Carolina University)
ENGL 3250   Introduction to Native American Literatures
ENGL 6350  Cultural Mediation: Identity, Land, Nation
ENGL 6350  History and Oral History in Contemporary Literature
ENGL 6350  Studies in Native American Literature (Online Course)
ENGL 6450  World Indigenous Literatures

Màrgara Averbach (Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Novela De Autores Indios Contemporáneos En Los EEUU
Indian Affairs and the Novel in the Americas
Mundo Escrito vs. Mundo Oral

Lois Beardslee (Northwestern Michigan College)
ENGL 291-E Native American Literature

Susan Brill de Ramirez (Bradley University)
ENGL 130 Introduction to Native American Literatures
ENGL 330 Simon J. Ortiz and Leslie Marmon Silko

Jason Black (University of Maryland)
COMM 398N The Rhetoric of Native America

David Carlson (CSU San Bernardino)
ENGLISH 314  American Indian Literature

Cari Carpenter (West Virginia University)
ENGLISH 156  Literature of Native America

Vanessa Holford Diana (Westfield State University)
ENGLISH 0102  Writing about Native American Texts
ENGLISH 297H  Contemporary Native American Art, Film, and Literature
ENGLISH 328  Contemporary Native American Literature
ENGLISH 631   Contemporary Native American Literature

Susan Gardner (University of North Carolina - Charlotte)
ENGLISH 3156-001  Native North American Indian Literatures, an Introduction
ENGLISH 4050/5050   American Indians and Children's Literature
ENGLISH 2090  Myth, Storytelling, and Native North American Indian Literature
ENGLISH 3050  Native North American Indian Fiction and Community

Susan Gardner and Linda Oxendine (University of North Carolina-Pembroke)
Native American Women

Deborah Gussman (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey)
LITT 3208 Native North American Indian Literature
Approaches to Teaching Native American Literatures and Cultures in the Middle School Curriculum

Allison Hedge-Coke (Harwick College)
INTR-310  Cultural Duty: Indigenous Philosophy through Literature and the Arts
Oral Traditions through Contemporary Literature: Traditional Oral Literatures

Brian Hudson (University of Oklahoma)
UNIV3000-856  [intersession] Futuristic Indians (online)

Edward Huffstetler (Bridgewater College)
ENGLISH 243  The Literature and Culture of Native America

Sheila Hassell Hughes (University of Dayton)
ENG 490   Louise Erdrich

Ron Illingsworth (University of Alaska Fairbanks)
ENGLISH 341   Contemporary Alaska Native Literature

Daniel Heath Justice (University of Toronto)
ENGLISH 6527F  First Nations Literatures: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and Two-Spirited Native Writers

Drew Lopenzina (Sam Houston State University)
ENGL 469  Native American Literatures

James Mackay (European University Cyprus)
ENGL 440  Cherokee Literatures in English

Lucy Maddox (Georgetown University)
ENGL (undergrad)  American Indian Literature
ENGL 624 (grad)    American Indian Literature

Mary Magoulick (Georgia College and State University)
WOMENS ST 4671  Native American Women Writers
ENGLISH 4671  Native American Literature

Janet McAdams (Kenyon College)
ENGLISH 418  American Indian Poetry
ENGLISH 204  Native American Literature

Robert M. Nelson (University of Richmond)
ENGL 233  Tradition and Renewal in American Indian Literature
ENGL 541  St/Am Lit: American Indian Prose and Poetry
ENGL 431  Poetry of the Native American Renaissance
ENGL 400  Leslie Marmon Silko

Eleanor Nevins (University of Virginia)
ANTH 333  Native American Literatures

Julianne Newmark (New Mexico Tech)
English 436 Survey of Native American Literatures

Patricia Onion (University of Maine)
ENGLISH 342:  American Indian Literature

David Payne (University of Georgia)
ENGL 4860    Multicultural Topics: Native American Literature

Malea Powell and Andrra Riley-Mukavetz (Michigan State University)
AL 891: American Indian Rhetorics

Barbara K. Robins (University of Nebraska - Omaha)
ENGLISH 2470  Survey of Native American Literature

Kenneth Roemer (University of Texas -Arlington)
ENGLISH 3344   Native Fictions that Reconstruct American History
ENGLISH 3344   Shaping Lives: American Indian Life Narratives
ENGLISH 4308   The Novels of Louise Erdrich: A Saga Evolving Somewhere between Gossip and Myth
ENGLISH 4330   Ways to Rainy Mountain: Autobiography/Literary Writing
ENGLISH 5327   Contemporary American Fiction
ENGLISH 6339   Introduction to American Indian Literatures
ENGLISH 6339   The Novels of Louise Erdrich: How to Place American Indian Fiction?
ENGLISH 6339   American Indian Life Narratives
ENGLISH 6399   Literature as Performed, Written, and Directed by American Indian Women

Chanette Romero (Union College)
ENGL 234H  Introduction to American Indian Literature and Film
ENGL 239     American Indian Women Writers

Kim Roppolo (University of Lethbridge)
NAS 2600    Native American Literature
NAS 3850a  The Five Hundred Year War

James Ruppert (University of Alaska - Fairbanks)
ANS 340/ENGL 340   Contemporary Native American Literature

Alice Te Punga Somerville (Victoria University)
ENGL329  Indigenous Writing in English

Mandy Suhr-Sytsma (University of Connecticut, Storrs)
ENGL3210-001  Native American Literature

Mandy Suhr-Sytsma (Emory University)
ENGL356W Representations of Gender and Sexuality in Native American Literature

James Thorson (University of Heidelburg)
Native American Literature: From the Oral Tradition to Post-Modernism

Brian Twenter (University of South Dakota)
a lesson plan for teaching Joseph Marshall III's work

Annette Van Dyke (University of Illinois at Springfield)
WMS 463/ENG 460   Native American Women's Literature and Culture

Pauline Woodard (Endicott College)
ENGL 337  American Indian Experience: An Introduction to the Literature


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