English 6399-001

Literature as Performed, Written, & Directed by American Indian Women

Dr. Roemer

Fall 2008 W 6-9 PM


We will examine oral narratives, autobiography, poetry, drama, fiction, and film written, directed, or performed by American Indian women.  The female figures range from the mythological to the suburban; from elderly women who are the "last of their tribe" to young children who represent the future; from Southwestern pueblos to Brooklyn backyards.  The analytical foci will be on gender and genre, though the literature and our discussions will not be restricted to these emphases.


Papers: 1 research      Exams 2 or 3 take-home; 1 in-class final




Allen, Spider Woman's Granddaughters

Underhill, Papago Woman

Silko, Storyteller

Sarris & McKay, Mabel McKay

Harjo, She Had Some Horses

Tapahonso, Saanii Dahataal; The Women Are Singing

Hogan, Solar Storms

Erdrich, Tales of Burning Love

Packet (non-fiction, fiction, poetry; also newspaper ads and articles and critical essays)

Films:  Arrowboy and the Witches  (A Leslie Marmon Silko Film);  Sun, Moon, and Feather (Spider Woman Theater), Naturally Native  (Valerie Red-Horse); and Miss Navajo (documentary)