English 204: Native American Literature                           Janet McAdams

Spring 2006                                                                            Office: 206 Lawrence

Tues. 7-9:30                                                                          Hours: MW 4-5:30




Nicholas Black Elk, Black Elk Speaks

Alice Callahan, Wynema

Ella Deloria, Waterlily

Joy Harjo, How We Became Human

Tiffany Midge, TBA

Alex Posey, Chinnubie and the Owl

Susan Power, Grass Dancer

Philip Red Eagle, Red Earth

Craig Womack, Drowning in Fire

Additional shorter selections photocopied or on reserve.



Attendance and active participation in class discussion, including

weekly posts to class blackboard 10%

Midterm (in class 3/8) 20%

Final (take home) 30%, due 5/5

Two short essays 20% each, due 2/15 & 4/17


Course Outline

Note: This outline is tentative and will be adjusted according to the needs and interests of the class.


M, Jan 23- Introduction to course

W, Jan 25- Introduction to Muskogee (Creek) culture and literature

Louis (Littlecoon) Oliver, "Chasers of the Sun" (handout)


M, Jan 30- Callahan, Wynema

W, Feb 1- Callahan


M, Feb 6- Posey, Chinnubie and the Owl (selections)

W, Feb 8- Posey, Fus Fixico Letters (selections)


M, Feb13- Womack, Drowning in Fire

W, Feb 15- Womack

Short paper due


M, Feb 20 Womack

W, Feb 22- Harjo, How We Became Human


M, Feb 27- Harjo

W, March 1- Harjo


M, March 6- Harjo, review for midterm

W, March 8-exam


Spring Break March 11-19


M, March 20- Introduction to Dakota/Lakota literature;

Readings TBA

W, March 22-


M, March 27- Deloria, Waterlily

W, March 29- Deloria


M, April 3- Black Elk

W, April 5- Black Elk; Demaille, The Sixth Grandfather (selections)


M, April 10- Black Elk

W, April 12- Philip Red Eagle, Red Earth


M, April 17- Red Earth

Short Essay Due

W, April 19-Tiffany Midge, TBA


M, April 24-Midge

W, April26- Susan Power, Grass Dancer


M, May 1- Power

W, May 2- Review for take-home final


Friday, May 5- Take-home final exam due