2:3 / oct 85

Editor: Andrew Wiget, English Dept., New Mexico State U, Las Cruces, NM 88003


        Response to the ASAIL survey has only been moderate. We need a much more complete sampling in order to make any valid inferences about our professional status, accomplishments, and needs. Such basic information is necessary to further building a community of scholars. Colleagues report that they are frequently asked if they think there is sufficient demand for a particular book to be reprinted or a program to be developed, or a Native American literature course included in a department's curriculum. Such questions can be answered forcefully only if we have an accurate assessment of what is in fact going on. So again I ask all of you who have not yet done so--especially senior and overseas scholars--to complete the survey and return it as soon as possible. The little time you spend will pay great dividends for our professional interests. If you have misplaced it, another copy is enclosed in this issue of ASAIL NOTES.


        Minority Fellowships. The Ford Foundation offers several generous fellowships for minority students. Application deadlines for predoctoral fellowships are November 15, 1985; for post-doctoral fellowships January 17, 1986. For further information write: The Fellowship Office, National Research Council, 2101 Constitution Avenue, Washington, DC, 20418.

        Calls for Papers. Fourteenth Annual Conference on Ethnic and Minority Studies, Feb. 26 - March 1, 1986, Fresno, CA. Sponsored by National Association For Ethnic Studies. Topic: Ethnic Identity--Visions and Revisions. Four copies of 100 word abstract + 4 copies of 2-3 pp. summary to: Linda Abbot, Calif. School of Prof. Psychology, 1350 M Street, Fresno, CA 93721.
        For contributions to a new anthology, "Creative Coping and Ethnic Women: Strategies for Survival," interested ethnic women should inquire from: Edith Blickailver, English Dept., Georgia Tech, Atlanta,GA 30332.

        Academic Position Changes. James Ruppert, formerly of UNM-Gallup, has taken the position of Chairman of the General Studies Department, University of New Mexico-Valencia, 351 Rio Communities Boulevard, Belen, NM 87002.
        Joy Harjo has accepted a tenure-track position teaching literature and creative writing in the English Department, Hellems 101, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO 80309.


        ASAIL members should consider joining MELUS, The Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literatures of the United States. MELUS membership brings the quarterly MELUS journal, which regularly carries important articles and interviews in the area of Native American literature. Joseph Bruchac's interview with Luci Tapahonso and Nicolas Warner's article on "Images of Drinking" are featured in MELUS 11.4, and MELUS 12.1 is a special issue devoted exclusively to Native American literature. Membership also brings MELUS Newsnotes with info on upcoming meetings and calls for papers, as well as the opportunity to present papers on MELUS-sponsored panels at regional and national conferences. Yearly dues are $15 to Prof. Clinton Machann, English, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX 77843.


        Soviet Union. This summer the editor had the pleasure of meeting the sole Soviet scholar exclusively engaged in the study of Native American literature. He has translated into Russian, edited and published the only Soviet anthology of Native American Literature: {[cyrillic]} or, in English, "I Stand in Good Relation to the Earth." It features fiction and poetry by Momaday, Vizenor, Niatum, Silko, Storm, Young Bear and others. He would very much appreciate information, reprints or Xeroxes of articles, and similar material to keep current on U. S. Scholarship. Write:
        Dr. Alex Vaschenko
        A. M. Gorky Institute of World Literature
        Vorovsky Street 25a
        Moscow, USSR

        Italy. Gaetano Prampolini writes that La Salamandra's next two Italian editions of Native American writing will be Storm's Seven Arrows and a Simon Ortiz Reader."

        Germany. Bernd Peyer sends references to recent German publications and notes that Momaday is apparently spending a semester in Regensburg while Lance Henson is anticipating a trip through Germany this winter:


        Deloria, Vine, Jr. GOTT IS ROT. (GOD IS RED) Munchen: Dianus-Trikont, 1984. Trans. Anneliese Rudwaleit.

Oral Literature




Sessions of Interest to ASAIL MEMBERS
at the

Chicago, December 27-31, 1985

DAY ONE        DECEMBER 27, 1985

Politics and American Indian Literature. Sponsor: MLA Discussion Group on American Indian Literature. Hyatt, 7:00-8:15. Chair: James Ruppert.
        1) Paula Allen (U Cal-Berkeley)
        2) Carol Hunter (U Oklahoma)
        3) James Ruppert (UNM-Valencia)
        4) J. Barre Toelken (Utah State U)

ASAIL Business Meeting Sponsor: Association for the Study of American Indian Literature. Ogden Room, West Tower, Hyatt . 9-10:15 pm.)

        Despite the late hour, the Midwest venue of the MLA should make this a well-attended meeting. It is open to anyone receiving ASAIL NOTES or SAIL: Studies in American Indian Literature. The Meeting will take up several important business issues.

        *   First, of course, is the election. Susan Scarberry-Garcia was elected last year and will succeed Andrew Wiget as President; a new President-elect will be chosen. Consider the possibility yourself or approach a colleague.
        *   Second, we will discuss the ASAIL Publications and seek your advice on how they can better serve your needs.
        *   Third, we will use this occasion to present and discuss the results of the ASAIL survey, circulated through the NOTES. This will be an opportunity to pause for a moment of self-assessment and consider the developments in our field. Your participation is crucial here.
        *   Fourth, and equally important, we will depart en masse for a nearby watering hole!


Landscapes of Memory: Remembering the Homeland in America. Sponsor: MELUS. Chair: Daniel Walden (Penn State U). Field, West Tower, Hyatt. 8:30-9:45 AM
        1) Lisa Kahn (Texas Southern)
        2)Hannah Kliger (U Penn)
        3) Amy Ling (Rutgers)

Music and the Arts Motif in Ethnic American Literature. Sponsor: MELUS. Chair: R. Barbara Gitenstein (SUNY-Oswego). Field, West Tower, Hyatt. 12 noon-1:15 PM.
        1) Arlene Elder, (U Cincinnati)
        2)Lawrence Oliver (Texas A & M)
        3)Loren Rusk (Stanford)

Writing from the Margin: Chicano Writers and Creativity. Sponsor: Comm. Lits.& Langs. of America. San Francisco, West Tower, Hyatt. 12 noon-l:l5.
        1) Gloria Trevino (Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo)
        2) Erlinda Gonzalez-Berry ( U New Mexico)
        3) Sandra Cisneros (San Antonio)
        4) Norma Alarcon (Purdue)

Migration & Return: Relocations of the Spirit. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Jose Limon (U Texas-Austin). Columbia A & B, East Tower, Hyatt. l:45-3:30 pm
        1) Wendy Rose (Fresno City College)
        2) Ron Tanaka
        3) Tato Laviera (New York City)
        4) Rolando Hinojosa-Smith (U Texas-Austin)
        5) Leon Forrest (Chicago)

Contemporary Chicano Drama. Sponsor, Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Yolanda Broyles-Gonzalez (U Cal-Santa Barbara) DuSable, West Tower, Hyatt. 3:30-4:45.
        1) Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (U Washington)

Literary Works of D'Arcy McNickle. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: W. W. Zachary, Jr. (U N Montana). McCormack, West Tower, Hyatt. 3:30-4:45 PM.
        1) Roger Dunamore (U Montana)
        2) W. W. Zachary, Jr. (U Montana)
        3) Birgit Hans (U Arizona)

Open Hearing of the MLA's Commission on the Literatures and Languages of America. San Francisco, West Tower, Hyatt. 5:15. All invited. Report on past actions. Input solicited.

Migrant Workers: In Memory of Tomas Rivera. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Rolando Hinojosa-Smith (U Texas-Austin). San Francisco, West Tower, Hyatt. 7:15-8:30 PM.
        1) Ramon Saldivar (U Texas-Austin)

Critical Issues in Asian-American Literature. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. Of America. Chair. Stephen H. Sumida (Wash S U). McCormack, West Tower, Hyatt. 7:l5-8:30 PM.
        1) Stephen H. Sumida (Washington S U)
        2) Jesse Hiraoka (Western Washington U)
        3) Gayle K. Fujita (U of Hawaii-Manoa)


Theoretical Aspects of Ethnic Literary Study. Sponsor: Division on Ethnic Lits. Chair: Werner Sollors (Harvard). Field, West Tower, Hyatt. 8:30-9:45.
        1) Rajapolan Radhakrishnan (U Mass)
        2) John M. Reilly (SUNY-Albany)
        3) Mary Dearborn (Columbia)
        4) Jean Fagan Yellin (Pace U)

Myth, Ceremony & Ritual: Moving the Spirit. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Larry Evers (U Arizona). Atlanta, West Tower, Hyatt. 8:30-9:45 AM.
        1) Andrew Wiget (New Mexico S U)
        2) Theresa Melendez (U Texas-El Paso)
        3) Eliana Ortega (Mt. Holyoke Coll)
        4) C. Lok Chua (Moorehead S U)
        5) Hortense Spillers (Haverford)

Teaching Native American Oral Literature: A Workshop. Sponsor: ASAIL. Chair: Franchot Ballinger (U Cincinnati). DuSable, West Tower, Hyatt. 10:15-11:30.
        1) Elaine Jahner (Dartmouth)
        2) Janice Grow Maienza (St. Mary's-Indiana)
        3) A. LaVonne Ruoff (U Illinois-Chicago Circle)
        4) Andrew Wiget (New Mexico State U)

Transformation of the Text: Between History and Literature. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Teresa McKenna (USC). Atlanta, West Tower, Hyatt. 1:45-3:00 PM.
        1) Jose Limon (U Texas-Austin)
        2) Teresa McKenna (USC)

Comparative Approaches to Ethnic Literature. Sponsor: Division on Ethnic Lits. Chair: Jules Chanetzaky (U Mass). McCormack, West Tower, Hyatt. 3:30-4:45.
        1) Gessler Moses Nkondo (Vassar, Harvard)
        2) A. LaVonne Ruoff (U Illinois-Chicago Circle)
        3) John W. Lowe III

NonTraditional Genres. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Linda Ching Sledge (Westchester Coll). DuSable, West Tower, Hyatt. 3:30-4:45
        1) Larry Evers (U Arizona)
        2) Stephen Sumida (Washington S U)
        3) Teresa McKenna (USC)
        4) Scott Johnson (Suffolk County Comm Coll)

Migration and Return:A Poetry Reading. Sponsor: Comm. Lits. & Langs. of America. Chair: Wendy Rose (Fresno City Coll). Gold Coast, West Tower, Hyatt. 5:15-6:45.

Up South and Down: Blues and Literary Tradition. Sponsor: CLLA. Chair: Charles Rowell (U Virginia). Grand Ballroom D North, ET, Hyatt. 7:15-8:30.
        1) Imiri Baraka (SUNY-Stony Brook)
        2) Marcellus Blount (Columbia)
        3) Ellis Marsalis (New Orleans Ctr for Creative Arts)


Native American Writers and the American Literary Tradition. Sponsor: ASAIL. Chair: Susan Scarberry-Garcia (Colorado Coll) San Francisco, West Tower, Hyatt. 12 noon-1:l5 PM
        1) James Parins and Daniel Littlefield (U Arkansas-Little Rock)
        2) H. David Brumble (U Pittsburgh)
        3) J. Frank Papovich (Hampden-Sidney Coll)

On another note ......


Itam Hakim, Hopiit. A new videotape from Victor Masayesva based on narratives told by Ross Macaya, including a reminiscence of his childhood, the emergence and migration of the Bow Clan stories, and Hopi participation In the Pueblo Revolt. Write: Victor Masayesva, c/o The Hopi Tribe, Kykatsmovi.

Summer of the Loucheux: Portrait of a Northern Indian Family. Highly-acclaimed, halfhour color ethnographic documentary. 16mm film/videotape formats.

Hopi: Songs of the Fourth World. A one hour, 16mm color film by Pat Ferrero documenting the integration of Hopi arts and daily life. Also highly-acclaimed. Inquire about sales/rentals of both Hopi and the Loucheux film from: New Day Films, 22 Riverview Drive, Wayne, NJ 07470, (201) 628-9111



        Mariani, Giorgio. "Art Made of Dawn: An Introduction to Contemporary Native American Poetry." in Pieter Hovens, ed. NORTH AMERICAN INDIAN STUDIES 2: EUROPEAN CONTRIBUTIONS. Gottingen: Edition Herodot, 1985. 174-89.

        Meli, Franco. "Charles A. Eastman: A Parabola of Integration," in Hovens, ed. 162-73.

        Peyer, Bernd. "William Apes, Pequot Author and Activist of the 19th Century," in Hovens, ed. 155-61.

        "Die englischaprachige Literatur der Indianer Nordamerikas: 1772 his zur Gegenwart." Gulliver 17 (Special edition, "Native Americans: Chicanos und Indianer in den USA") Berlin: Argument-Verlag, 1985. 95-106.

        Canada. Tom King (NAS-U Lethbridge) reports a new novel by a Canadian Native author: Terrence Heath, The Last Hiding Place, from Oolichan Books, P.O. Box 10, Lantzville, BC V0R 2H0. The Spring 1985 issue of WHETSTONE, U Lethbridge's literary magazine, is a special Native American issue. Write: Whetstone, Dept. of English, U Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, CANADA T1K 3M4.


From U of Arizona Press: GULLIBLE COYOTE/ UNA'IHU. A BILINGUAL COLLECTION OF HOPI COYOTE STORIES, Ekkehart Malotki, w/ Michael Lomatuwayama. With Malatki's HOPITUTUWUTSI/ HOPI TALES (also U Az) a matched set ..... Edith Blicksilver's anthology, THE ETHNIC AMERICAN WOMAN (Dubuque: Kendall/Hunt Publishing) features selections by Joy Harjo, Leslie Silko and Buffy Sainte-Marie .... Acoma Press (Acomita, NM) has brought out a collection of short stories by Linda Hogan and Charles Henderson called THAT HORSE and retellings of traditional stories by Terry Tafoya called, CHANCES: STORIES TO WET WITH OUR BREATHS .... Jim Barnes (Choctaw), A SEASON OF LOSS (Purdue University Press), poetry ... Chapbooks from Blue Cloud Quarterly Press: Ralph Salisbury, A WHITE RAINBOW: POEMS OF A CHEROKEE HERITAGE; Silvester Brito, LOOKING THROUGH A SQUARED OFF CIRCLE; Ed Edmo, THESE FEW WORDS OF MINE .... Wendy Rose's (Hopi) long-awaited poetry collection, THE HALFBREED CHRONICLES, featuring "Julia," is now available from West End Press, P.O. Box 291477, Los Angeles, CA 90029 ($4.95) ... West End Press also has available Jimmie Durham's (Cherokee) COLUMBUS DAY ... Linda Hogan's (Chicakasaw) new volume of poetry, SEEING THROUGH THE SUN is out now from U Massachusetts Press ($6.95 paper) ... Lance Henson's (Cheyenne) SELECTED POEMS: 1970-83 is available from Greenfield Review Press ($5.00 paper)...


        Books by ASAIL scholars: Brian Swann, SONG OF THE SKY, VERSIONS OF NATIVE AMERICAN SONGS AND POEMS, from Four Zoas Night House, Ltd., P. O. Box 111, Ashuelot, NH 03441 ($12.50) . . . Arnold Krupat, FOR THOSE WHO COME AFTER: NATIVE AMERICAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY, from U California Press . . . Dexter Fisher's edition of Gertrude Bonnin's AMERICAN INDIAN STORIES is available from U Nebraska Press . . . Andrew Wiget has published a book-length study, NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE (Boston: Twayne) and a collection of essays, CRITICAL ESSAYS ON NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE (G. K. Hall), which features essays by Larry Evers, LaVonne Ruoff, Elaine Jahner, Kay Sands, Arnold Krupat, and Barbara Babcock as well as work by Levi-Strauss, Boas, and Jacobs . . . . The Spring 1985 issue of North Dakota Qtly is a special Native American Issue.

Plans. LaVonne Ruoff invites the submission of prospectuses for "American Indian Lives," a series of biographies and autobiographies of Native Americans she is editing for U Nebraska Press. Write her at the Department of English, University of Illinois-Chicago, Box 4348, Chicago IL 60680. Jim Barnes writes that Duane Niatum is putting together an anthology, HARPER'S BOOK OF TWENTIETH CENTURY NATIVE AMERICAN POETRY, to be published In late '85 or early '86.


        Tlalocan. A journal specializing in texts In Mexican Indigenous languages. Contact: Karen Dakin, Instituto de Investigaciones Filologicas, UNAM, 04150 Mexico, D.F.

        The Maazo Magazine: Navajo Life Stories. Like the subtitle says: People, places and events on the Navajo Rez; no politics or news. Write Maazo Publishing, Box 1245, windoiw Roick, AZ 86515. Qtly. $12/yr.