II:1 / jan 85

Editor: Andrew Wiget, Department of English/3E, New Mexico State U, Las Cruces, NM 88003


 Modern Language Association Meeting. In addition to several panels featuring presentations of interest to ASAIL members, ASAIL offered two panels which were well-received. Folklorists in attendance at the oral literature session suggested that it be repeated at the American Folklore Society meeting this fall. At the ASAIL business meeting, members discussed our relationship to MLA's Division on Ethnic Literatures, Discussion Group on American Indian Literatures, and Commission on the Literatures and Languages of America. At the same members elected a new president-elect. The principal responsibility of the president is organizing the two ASAIL sessions which meet in conjunction with the MLA and chairing the business meeting. (See Call for Papers) As a result, the current officers are:

PRESIDENT (1985): Andrew Wiget, New Mexico State U
PRESIDENT-ELECT: Susan Scarberry-García, Colorado College
PAST-PRESIDENT Paul Zolbrod, Allegheny College

Also at the MLA meetings, LINDA HOGAN (U Minn) was elected as an officer of the MLA's Division of Ethnic Literatures.

Akwekon. Subscriptions for the new Native American literary quarterly, featuring art and literature by Native Americans, are available at $15/yr (indiv.) and $20/yr (instit.) Write: Akwekon, P.O. Box 196, Mohawk Nation, Rooseveltown, NY 13683.

Reading Around. At the American Indian Community House Gallery in New York WENDY ROSE and MAURICE KENNY gave a workshop on "Creating Poetry/Native American Poetics" on January 5, 1985. JOHN MOHAWK and FRANCIS BOOTS will give a workshop there on Feb. 16 on "Native American Political Philosophy and Spirituality" and on Feb. 26. DIANE BURNS will read her poetry there . . . . . At the M.LA meeting In Washington DC, MAURICE KENNY and WENDY ROSE read from their poetry . . . . As part of Santa Fe's Wheelwright Museum's program "Six Voices: A Celebration of Native American Poetry," BARNEY BUSH read from his work on November 14, 1984 and MAURICE KENNY on January 30, 1985. Others scheduled Include: WENDY ROSE (Feb.27), HAROLD LITTLEBIRD (Mar. 27), JANET CAMPBELL HALE (Apr. 24), and LUCI TAPAHONSO (May 29).

     NAIES The National Association of Interdisciplinary Ethnic{2} Studies conference, "Ethnic Identity: Aging, Mental Health, and Sexism," will meet in Kansas City Feb. 27-Mar. 2, 1985. INFO: NAIES, Ross Hall 203, Iowa State U, Ames, IA 50011.
     IIIrd INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM ON LATIN AMERICAN INDIAN LITERATURES, sponsored by LAILA (Latin American Indianian Literature Association), will meet in San Antonio, March 28-30, 1985. INFO: Mary Preuss, LAILA/ALILA, Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA 15010.
     Conference on Native American Studies, with Dennis Tedlock, Francis Paul Prucha, and Alfonso Ortiz as featured speakers, will meet at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, OK on May 17-19, 1985. INFO: Arts & Sciences Extension, OSU, Stillwater, OK 74078.
     Southwestern Literature in Context is an extensive program of public education consisting of exhibits, readings, lectures, in-service evening classes, films and videotapes organized by Kenneth Roemer of the English Department at U Tx-Arlington. Leslie Silko will present and discuss her film, "Arrowboy and the Witches"; joining her in reading from their work will be Paula Gunn Allen and Roxy Gordon. Public lectures will be given by Maurice Boyde, Larry Evers and Kay Sands. The entire program runs three weeks, from Mar. 25-April 17. INFO: Kenneth Roemer, Dept. of English, Box 19035, U Tx, Arlington, TX 76019.

For the two ASAIL sessions at the 1985 MLA meeting in Chicago:
     (1) Teaching Native American Oral Literatures. Classroom strategies highlighting useful and important critical issues of form, theme and so on. Send papers or one-page abstract to:
        Franchot Ballinger, University College 205, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH 45221.
     (2) Native American Writers and the American Literary Tradition. Nineteenth or twentieth century Native American writers producing literature In English, with special attention to their relationship to writers, genres or themes in the "mainstream" Anglo-American literary tradition. Send papers or one-page abstract to:
        Susan Scarberry-García, Southwest Studies Program, Colorado College, Colorado Springs CO 80903.
For the session sponsored by the Discussion Group an American Indian Literatures:
     (3) Politics and American Indian Literature. Papers or abstracts to:
        James Ruppert, Communication Dept, UNM-Gallup, Gallup NM 87301.
NOTE: Deadline for receipt of proposals for all panels is March 15. Proposers must be MLA members by April 1, 1985.


        JOHN D. NICHOLS formerly of Brandon University, is now at the Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA R3T 2N2.

       NAOS. An attractive and informative newsletter updating {3} research on the "Names of the Sacred" project. $3/issue. WRITE: Juan Adolfo Vasquez, NAOS, 1309 CL, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15260.
       Contemporary Native American Literature. Readers who are unfamiliar with small press publishing should look into two reviews that regularly review and publish contemporary Native American poetry and fiction. CONTACT II, edited by J. G. Gosciak and Maurice Kenny, is $14/yr (instit.), $8/yr (indiv.). Write at Box 451, Bowling Green Station, NY, NY 10004 . . . . THE GREENFIELD REVIEW, edited by Joe Bruchac, is $6/yr for two double issues. Write to R.D. 1, Box 80, Greenfield Center, NY 12833 . . . . And don't overlook BLUE CLOUD QUARTERLY, edited by Bro. Benet Tvedten, OSB, at only $4/yr. Write to: BCQ, Blue Cloud Abbey, Marvin, SD 57251.
       RENCONTRE, is a slim, public affairs magazine of SAGMAI, the Quebec government's Indian and Inuit affairs division. It is available without charge from SAGMAI, 875 Grande-Allee Est, Quebec, CANADA G1R 4Y8. Specify English or French Language version.
       Canadian Native American Studies. Tom King (Lethbridge) reports the availability of two new journals:
        Saskatchewan Indian Federated College Journal Room 127, College West Building, U Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA S4S 0A2 $15/yr
        Native Studies Review c/o Dr. Barron, University of Saskatchewan Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7N 0W0 $10/yr
These join the established Journal of Canadian Native Studies from Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba.


        From Japan Takahiro Yokosuka (Yamagata) reports the following translations and Japanese editions of work by or about Native Americans:

Novels by American Indians
     (THE WAY TO RAINY MOUNTAIN, N. Scott Momaday) Publisher: (Shbun-sha), 1976
     ["A Lamentable or Heart-Broken Indian"] (CEREMONY, Leslie Marmon Silko) Publisher: (Shbun-sha), 1982

Biography/Autobiography of American Indians
     ["The Autobiography of, and Indian Life and Culture of, Winnebago Tribe of North America"] (THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF' A WINNEBAGO INDIAN, Radin) Publisher: (Shisaku-sha), 1980
     (BLACK ELK SPEAKS, BEING THE LIFE OF A HOLY MAN OF THE OGLALA SIOUX, Neihardt) Publisher: (Shakai shis-sha), 1977

     ["Vanishing Indian"] (CRY OF THE THUNDERBIRD, Hamilton) Publisher: (Tairiku shob), 1969

Oral Traditions
     ["Folk Stories of American Indians"] (TALES OF THE NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS, Thompson) Publisher: (Iwasaki bijutsu-sha), 1970
     ["Myth and Legend of the American Indians"] (INDIAN LEGENDS OF THE PACIFIC NORTHWEST, Clark) Publisher: (Iwasaki bijutsu-sha), 1972
     ["Folk Stories of the World, v. 24: Eskimo and Others"] ("Eskimo Marchen", Barunke; "Nordamerikanische Indianermarchen," Konitzky; "Indianermarchen aus den Kordilleren," Koseler-Ilg.) Publisher: (Gysei), 1978
     ["Folk Stories of the Eskimo"] (TALES FROM THE IGLOO, Metayer) Publisher: (Suzusawa-shoten), 1974
     (THE TRICKSTER, Radin) Publisher: (shbun-sha), 1976

     [POETRY OF THE AMERICAN INDIANS, Hisao Kanaseki) Publisher: (Chkron-sha), 1977
     ("Sand Paintings of the Navajo", "Poetic America", Hisao Kanaseki) Publisher, (Ozawa-shoten),1980
     [THE WORLD OF AMERICAN POLK SONGS. Ch. 8."Songs of the Indians." Soichi Minagawa) Publisher: (Iwasaki-bijutsu-sha), 1971

In addition, Mr. Yokosuka included titles to over a dozen novels, juvenile and picture books, Including the Inevitable Karl May and James Fenimore Cooper, as well as Berger's LITTLE BIG MAN and Margaret Craven's I HEARD THE OWL CALL MY NAME.


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