I:3 / oct 84

Editor: Andrew Wiget, Department of English, Box 3E, New Mexico State U, Las Cruces, NM 88003


* Names of the Sacred Project. Professor Juan Adolfo Vasquez, editor of Latin American Indian Literatures, invites linguists and students of American Indian literatures to send reports on words or phrases meaning "the sacred" or "the holy," besides the well known orenda, wakanda, and manitou. Information about actual contemporary usage will be especially welcome but earlier examples are also needed. All answers will be acknowledged. A newsletter informing about the project's progress is in preparation. Contact Professor Vasquez at 1309 CL, University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh PA 15260

* HOPIT, a film by Hopi filmmaker Victor Masayesva, Jr., widely acclaimed as Best of Video (1984 Son Francisco Film Festival) and Judges' Choice (1984 Houston Film Festival) is now available for rental from IS Films, 1334 West Lynwood, Phoenix. AZ 85007. (602)253 0243. HOPIT begins with the presentation of prayer feathers for Soyal--the beginning of the Hopi New year--and continues through the change of seasons, ending with the fall harvest.

* Lecture Series. The Tucson Public Library is sponsoring a lecture series on Southwestern literary traditions, a major portion of which is devoted to Native American writing, including a lecture by N. Scott Momaday on Oct. 2 on "Inventing the Literary Indian" and one on October 18 with Emory Sekaquaptewa and Larry Evers on Indian oral traditions.

* Akwesasne Notes v.16, n. 4 (Late Summer 1984), pp.10-12 contains an interesting expose of Gregory J. Markopoulos, aka. Jamake Highwater, and how a former USC experimental filmmaker and Son Francisco dance company director was able to establish an identity for himself as a "professional Indian." The article, which ought to remind most scholars of Memoirs of Chief Red Fox scandal, says as much about public image making as it does about Markopoulos. It is written and copyright July, 1984 by Hank Adams. "JW" has edited recently WORDS IN BLOOD, a collection of contemporary Native American fiction and poetry for Meridian.

* Akwesasne Notes also announced in the same issue the establishment of AKWEKON: A Native American Literary Journal to feature poetry, fiction. criticism and art by Native Americans. It will be in 8 x 11 format, about 68 pp./ issue, and appear quarterly. The first issue, already in press, is scheduled for November. Native writers and artists are encouraged to submit material (see Akwesasne Notes for guidelines or write at address following). Unfortunately no subscription price was given. Support for this project must be encouraged; write to inquire about subscription cost and send check to: Akwekon Literary Journal, P.O. Box 196, Mohawk Nation via Rooseveltown, NY 13683.


* Changes. ELAINE JAHNER, formerly of the University of Nebraska Lincoln, has joined the Native American Studies faculty of Dartmouth College. WENDY ROSE, formerly of Cal State Fresno, is now on the faculty of Fresno City College. LINDA HOGAN, formerly of Colorado College, is now with the University of Minnesota (Minneapolis).



        Broadly trained person with background in Native American history and politics, tribal government, culture, contemporary issues for affiliation with curricular area designed to encourage Native American student enrollment. Junior position, one or three year renewable contracts. Deadline Feb 15, 1985. Dean Barbara Smith, The Evergreen State College, Olympia, WA 98505.
                 REF: Chronicle of Higher Education, Oct 3 1984, p. 45.

        English (60%) and Ethnic Studies (40%). Joint Appt., Asst. Prof.,tenure track, effective Aug. 1985, Ph.D. preferred, M.A. or equiv. rqd. Specialization in Native American literature, ancillary fields open. Evidence of teaching and research potential required. The initial teaching assignment will be five three hour courses per academic year, with some time devoted to advising and working with Native American students. Minimum salary $20,000. Deadline 19 November. Send letter of application, vita, and dossier including three letters of recommendation to: Maureen Honey, Department of English, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588. Applications will be acknowledged by letter. Applications from women and minorities encouraged. AA/EOE.
                 REF: MLA Job Information List, English Edition, October 1984, p. 10


CRESS NOTES. A quarterly newsletter devoted principally to rural and minority education. One of its principal areas of interest is American Indian education. The April, 1983 issue provided a directory of organizations and government agencies involved with all aspects of Indian education. The newsletter is available upon request from ERIC/CRESS, Box 3AP, New Mexico State University, Los Cruces, NM 88003.


Reprints. The University of Arizona Press has recently reprinted two books of importance to notes readers. The long out of print (1977) and hard to find (1000 original copies) A Good Journey, by Simon Ortiz, is welcome back in print, as is John Bierhorst's Four Masterworks of American Indian Literature which features versions of the Navajo Night Chant, the Mayan Cuceb, the Iroquois Rite of Condolence, end the Aztec Quetzalcoatl myth.

Recent Publications. Some new and important non-fiction: A Sender of Words: Essays in Memory of John G. Neihardt, ed. Vine Deloria, Jr, (Salt Lake City: Howe Bros., 1984. $16.95) includes essays: Dee Brown, Alvin Josephy, Peter Iverson, N. Scott Momaday, Frederick Manfred, Frank Waters, Raymond DeMallie, Gretchen Bataille, etc... University of Arizona Press announces John R. Farella's The Main Stalk: A Synthesis of Navajo Philosophy, which ought to complement its earlier publication of McNeely's The Holy Wind in Navajo Philosophy . . . The Alaskan Native Language Center (University of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK 99701) offers a publication list of dozens of titles, many of which are collections of transcribed oral literature from Alaskan native storytellers . . . Navajo Community College Press (Tsaile, AZ 86556) has renewed a strong publishing program, one of the highlights of which is Simon Ortiz's gathering of short stories by a number of Native American writers (Silko, Kenny, Erdrich, Vizenor, Hogan, and many more) an extraordinary sampling and the best short fiction collection since Rosen's now ten-year-old The Man To Send Rain Clouds; write for Ortiz, Earth Power Coming: Short Fiction in Native American Literature (10.50 paper) and a NCC Press Catalogue featuring publications on Hopi, Cheyenne and Papago traditions, as well as Navajo material ....................
Strawberry Press announces the publication Peter Blue Cloud's new book, SKETCHES IN WINTER WITH CROWS, w/illustrations by Peter Jemison ($4.00) . . . Indian University Press (Bacone College, Muskogee, OK 74401) announces the publication of Robert J. Conley's THE RATTLESNAKE BAND & OTHER POEMS, a bilingual, English/Cherokee edition of original poetry. This joins other IUP publications of interest including ECHOES OF OUR BEING, a collection of poetry by the Tahlequah Indian Writers' Group. Write IUP for publication list.
        This seems to be the season for poetry. The long awaited collection of Roberta Hill Whiteman's poetry, STAR QUILT, is now available from Holy Cow! Press (P.O. Box 618, Minneapolis, MN 55440. $6.95 paper/$13.00 cloth), a handsomely made book of powerful, affecting poetry . . . Louise Erdrich, who won Chicago magazine's Nelson Algren Award for short fiction a couple of years ago, has brought out her poetry in Jacklight (NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston, 1984. $6.95 paper). Both of these writers deserve a wide readership . . . William Oandasan's MOVING INLAND: A CYCLE OF LYRICS is available from A Publications, Box 42 A 510, York Station, Los Angeles, CA 90050. . . . Blue Cloud Quarterly's two most recent chapbooks include BROWN WOLF LEAVES THE RES & OTHER POEMS, by Diane Glancy/Cherokee (v.30, n.1) and A CIRCLING REMEMBRANCE, by Lance Henson/Cheyenne (v.30, n.2). The last includes a note from Bro. Benet, BCQ a editor, that subscription price must be raised to $4.00. Finally, the Institute of American Indian Arts has published two collections of poetry recently: THE CLOUDS THREW THIS LIGHT: CONTEMPORARY NATIVE AMERICAN POETRY, edited by Phil Foss is a handsome, large (351 pages) and very inclusive (77 poets) sampling of contemporary NA poetry. ROLLING THUNDER: VOICES FROM A PEOPLE is a handsome, horizontal format collection of student writing edited by Phyllis Wolf. Write: Institute of American Indian Arts, College of Santa Fe Campus, St, Michael's Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87501. And while you are doing it, drop a check in the mail for $6.00 for a one year, three issue subscription SPAWNING THE MEDICINE RIVER, IAIS's fine literary magazine and preview the future. . . . . . . Contemporary Native American poetry is surveyed in the most recent issue of Contact II (v.6, Summer/Fall 1984) with an interview of Roberta Hill Whiteman, and reviews of books by Peter Blue Cloud, Duane Niatum, Rmson Lomatewa and Joy Harjo (in addition to Whiteman's) and an interview with Blue Cloud Qtly's founder Bro. Benet Tvedten, OSB, and a history of BCQ's Indian publishing.
        Other new and Important books include THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID: A COLLECTION OF CONTEMPORARY FICTION AND POETRY BY NATIVE AMERICAN WOMEN, ed. Rayna Green Bloomington: Indiana U P 1984. and AMERICAN INDIAN WOMEN: TELLING THEIR LIVES eds. Gretchen Bataille and Kay Sands (Lincoln: U Nebraska Press, 1984).

Forthcoming publications of note:
        Arnold Krupat's study of American Indian autobiography FOR THOSE WHO COME AFTER: A STUDY OF AMERICAN INDIAN AUTOBIOGRAPHY has been given a January 1985 publication date by U of California Press . . . Andrew Wiget has two books with an April 1985 publication date: NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE (Twayne, U.S. Authors Series), a critical study, and CRITICAL ESSAYS IN NATIVE AMERICAN LITERATURE which he edited for G. K. Hall. . . . Strawberry Press plans to bring out Phil Minthorn's (Nez Perce) VIGIL OF THE WOUNDED and Charlotte DeClue (Osage) WITHOUT WARNING . . . Chemay Press announces IS SUMMER THIS BEAR? by Maurice Kenny (Mohawk) (Saranac Lake, NY: Chamay Press, $5.00) . . .Wendy Rose's HALFBREED CHRONICLES will come from West End Press (Minneapolis) . . . .

Special Issues:
        The recent issue of CALYX features a special focus on Native American women, called "Bearing Witness.". . . . Rochelle Ratner's TRYING TO UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS TO BE A FEMINIST: ESSAYS ON WOMEN WRITERS (Contact 11 Publications,$5.00) features an essay on Leslie Silko.


Latin American Indian Literatures will cease publication under that name with v.8, n.2 (Fall 1984) and move to Geneva College as Latin American Indian Literatures Journal. Support this important publication by subscribing: Indiv. $13, Instit. $23, Sponsor:$28 +: Editor LAILJ Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA 15010


From Norway (Per Seyersted,U of Oslo, American Institute)

Criticism, Articles
        Dahle, Gro. "Seremoni som terapi: Leslie Memon Silkos forfatterskap," KJERRINGRAD (Oslo) 10:2 (1984), 30 32.
        Seyersted, Per. "Two Interviews with Leslie Marmon Silko," AMERICAN STUDIES IN SCANDINAVIA, 13 (1981) 17 33

        Momaday, N. Scott. ET HUS AV DEMRING. Oslo: Cappelen, 1975.
. HUS BYGGT AV GRYNING. Stockholm: Forum,1975.
        Silko, Leslie Marmon, SEREMONI. Oslo: Gyldendel, 1979.

From Canada (Tom King, Univ, of Lethbridge, NAS)

Fiction by Native Authors
        Beatrice Culleton. IN SEARCH OF APRIL RAINTREE. Winnipeg: Pemmican Publications 1983.

        Sullivan, Sherry Anne. THE INDIAN IN AMERICAN FICTION, 1820-1850. U Toronto, 1979.

From Denmark (Bo Schöler, U Aarhus, Dept of English)

A collection of Critical essays edited, with an introduction, by Bo Schöler: COYOTE WAS HERE: ESSAYS ON CONTEMPORARY NATIVE AMERICAN LITERARY AND POLITICAL MOBILIZATION (available from SEKLOS, c/o/ Dept. of English, U of Aarhus, 8000 Aarhus C, Denmark). Contents include: Wendy Rose, "Just What's All this Fuss About Whiteshamanism Anyway?," Duane Niatum, "History in the Colors of Song: A Few Words on Contemporary Native American Poetry;" Anne Lee Walters, "American Indian Thought and Identity in American Fiction;" Carol Hunter, "An Interview with Wendy Rose;" Simon J Ortiz,"About the Stories, A Brief History and Thoughts on My Writing;" Mary Stout, "Zitkala-Sa: The Literature of Politics;" Kenneth Lincoln "Common Walls: The Poetry of Simon Ortiz;" Paula Gunn Allen, "The Wilderness in My Blood.: Spiritual Foundations of the poetry of Five American Indian Women;" Kate Shanley Vangen, "The Devil's Domain: Leslie Silko's 'Storyteller';" James Ruppert,"The Poetic Languages of Ray Young Bear;" Bo Schöter,"Trickster and Storyteller: The Sacred Memories and True Tales of Gerald Vizenor;" Joseph Bruchac,"New Voices from the Longhouse: Some Contemporary Iroquois Writers and their Relationshtp to the Tradition of the Ho de no sau nee;" Ward Churchill, "Generations of Resistance: American Indian Poetry and the Ghost Dance Spirit."


Conference on Native America. Studies Nov 17-19, 1985, Oklahoma S U, Stillwater. Plenary Sessions on NA Languages and Literature (Dennis Tedlock, Chair); "U.S. Government-Indian Relations" (Francis Paul Prucha, Chair); and" New Directions In Southwest Native Studies (Alfonso Ortiz, Chair). 150 word abstract by 3/15/85 to James Thayer, 225 Hanner Hall, OSU, Stillwater, OK 74078

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       In addition to two sessions sponsored by ASAIL and featured in previous issues of ASAIL NOTES ("Nineteenth Century Native American Writers," and "Oral Literature and the Problematics of Textuality,") other sessions and papers of interest are on tap. The MLA Discussion Group on American Indian Literature is sponsoring session 158, "Dramatic Forms in Poems, Stories and Plays by American Indians,"chaired by Norma Wilson, USDak. Panelists include: Larry Evers (U Az), "Yaqui Rain Songs: A Sonoran Drama," Linda Hogan (U Minn)," Dramatic Forms and Short Fiction :'That Horse: 1921," Sue Johnson (U SDak),"The Theatricality of FOGHORN (Hanay Geigomah)" and Wendy Rose (Fresno City Coll) "The Poetry Reading as Dramatic Performance." This session is Friday 12/28 at noon.
        Carter Revard and Maurice Kenny will speak in a session entitled "Retrieving Our Past, Determining Our Future," at 10:15 on Saturday 12/29. Kenny will also read his poetry that evening from 8-9:30 as part of the Forum Speakers Program sponsored by the Commission on the Languages and Literatures of America.
        Michael Castro (Lindenwood Coll) will speak on "Influence of the American Indian on Modern American Poetry," at the session on "American Experience in Ethnic Literature (1)" chaired by Paula Gunn Allen (U Cal Berkeley).
        Maurice Kenny will speak on the subject of "Taking it Back: Native American Publishing" at session 568: "Breaking Into Print" hosted by Charles Rowell at 7:15 pm, on Sunday 12/30.
        A full agenda . . .