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Editor: Andrew Wiget, Department of English, New Mexico State University, Las Cruces, NM 88003


        ASAIL (The Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures) sponsors two sessions at the MLA convention each year. In the last issue one of those sessions was announced. The program for the second session, entitled "Oral Literature and the Problematics of Textuality" is as follows:

"Text and Pretext: Ideological Assumptions in the Representation of Oral Literature," Andrew Wiget, New Mexico State U., Chair.
"Textuality in Oral Performance: A Story of the Kuna Indians of Panama." Joel Sherzer, Linguistics, U Texas.
"Crossing the Divide: Linguistic Text to Literary Idiom." Brian Swann, Cooper Union. "Post-Structuralism and Oral 'Literature.'" Arnold Krupat, Sarah Lawrence C.


MELUS (Society for the Study of the Multi-Ethnic Literature of the United States). Meets annually in conjunction with other professional organizations. Sponsors quarterly journal, MELUS, available to members with dues---- $15/yr,indiv.or instit. Editor: Wayne Charles Miller, English Department, U Cincinnati, McMicken Hall, Cincinnati, OH 45221.
CORRECTION.- Annual dues for SSILA (Society for the Study of Indigenous Languages of America) is only $5.00/yr, not $6.00. Excellent Newsletter! Victor Golla, SSILA, Department of Anthropology, George Washington U, Washington, DC 20052


        Maurice Kenny's THE MAMA POEMS has been awarded the Before Columbus Foundation's American Book Award. The book is available from White Pine Press, 73 Putnam, Buffalo, NY 14213 . . . . Peter Jemison, Maurice Kenny and other Native American Writers and artists were featured on The Today Show on May 17, which devoted a special segment to Native American Culture


Explorations in Ethnic Studies, sponsored by the National Association for Interdisciplinary Ethnic Studies, is soliciting manuscripts for articles with an interdisciplinary focus. For style sheet, information or to submit mss., write: Meredith Rinehart, Assoc. Editor, 847 L Street, Davis, CA 95616.
North Dakota Quarterly will publish a special issue on American Indian Studies in 1985, and solicits fiction, poetry, reviews, visual art (b/w only) and essays appropriate to the topic. MLA Handbook style. Deadline: November 1, 1984. Mary Jane Schneider, Guest Editor; Robert Lewis, Editor. Box 8231, University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND 58202.
American Indian Quarterly is interested in receiving articles for publication consideration over a broad range of topics relevant to American Indian Studies. Articles should be approx. 20-25 pp. Chicago Manual of Style. American Indian Quarterly, NAS/3415 Dwinelle Hall, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720. Subs: $15/yr, indiv; $35/yr. instit.


From Mexico, Willard Gingerich (UTEP) reports two Spanish-language publications of interest:

Konrad T. Preuss, Mitos y cuentas nahuas de la sierra madre occidental. trans. Mariana Prenk-Westhein. Mexico City: Instituto Nacional Indigenista, 1982. Collection of oral narratives.
Gustavo Sainz, Fantasmas Aztecas. Mexico City: Editorial Grijalbo, A.A., 1982. Novel with extensive reference to Aztec culture and recent excavations in Mexico City.

From Italy, Laura Coltelli (U Pisa), together with M. Vittoria D'Amico (U Catania) and Gaetano Prampolini (U Florence) has recently initiated an interuniversity research program: "La letteratura degli Indiani d'America." It will publish monographs/essays on the most Important contemporary American Indian writers as well as translating their major works with critical introductions, bibliographies and notes. The new series,"Indianamericana. La cultura degli Indiani d'America," is divided into two sections:
1) LE TRADIZIONI E IL PRESENTE. General eds. Flavia y Sandra Busatta

Mullett, George C. Merrick. Le Storie della Donna Ragno. Milano: La Salamandra,1981. ed. Sandra Busatta
Hoebel, E. Adamson. I Cheyenne. Milano: La Salamandra,1983. Ed. Sandra Busatta.

II) LA NUOVA LETTERATURA. General editors: Laura Coltelli e Gaetano Prampolini.

Silko, Leslie Marmon. Raccontare. Milano: La Salamandra, 1983. trans. Laura Coltelli. Intro. by L. Coltelli,"La Storytelling di Leslie Marmon Silko," 11-47.
Laura Coltelli also reports the following developments in Europe:
From Japan. Kenneth Roemer, U Texas-Arlington, has just returned from serving as Visiting Professor of English at the invitation of Shimane University and the Japanese Ministry of Education. He reports considerable interest in Native American literature--Silko's Ceremony has been translated there--and his offering of what he believes to have been the first courses in the subject in Japan. A special issue of Takara-Jima (Feb 1978) was devoted to American Indian Studies, with a bibliography of material translated into Japanese. Some of his own experience is reported in:Kenneth Roemer, "Japanese Ways to Rainy Mountain: An Approach to Teaching English Composition in Japan," Memoirs of the Faculty of Law and Letters, Shimane University, 6 (Dec 1983) 337-63.

        Spring! And a scholar's fancy lightly turns to thoughts of ......... dissertations and theses on oral literature to 1980! Those on contemporary Indian writing and the Indian in !literature in a subsequent issue. Many of these are available in microform or hard copy from University Microfilms International, P.O. Box 1764, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48106. UMI also publishes catalogs of dissertations and theses on Anthropology, Linguistics, Folklore, American History, American Literature, and The North American Indian, to list a few subjects of interest to ASAIL members.

Theses And Dissertations On Native American Oral Literature

A. Prior to 1955 (From The American Indian in Graduate Studies, compiled by Frederick J. Dockstader, New York: Museum of the American Indian, Heye Foundation, 1957.)

     Barnard, Herwanna Becker. The Comanche and His Literature, with an anthology of his myths, legends, folktales, oratory, poetry and songs. (MA 1952, Stanford.)
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     Campbell, Edith Core. The Star Husband tale: A comparative study by the historic-geographic method. (MA 1931, Indiana.)
     Chowning, Marcha Ann. Raven myths in northwestern North America and northeastern Asia. (MA 1952, Pennsylvania.)
     Count, Earl Wendel. The Earth-Diver: an attempt at an Asiatic-American correlation. (PhD 1935, California.)
     Demetracopoulou, Dorothy. The Leon Woman myth: a study in synthesis. (PhD 1932 California.) Pub: Jour. Amer. Folklore, 46, #180 [1933]
     Donaldson, Jessie Louise. A stylistic study of variants of the mentor-Grandmother myth. (MA 1931, California.) All North American tribes, including Eskimo.
     Drummond, Isabel N. A study of the literary and artistic elements in the life of the Sioux. (MA 1930, Indiana.)
     Ehrlich, Clara Hilderman. Tribal culture in Crow mythology. (PhD 1931, Columbia.) Pub: Jour. Amer. Folklore, 50, #198 [1937] p 307-408.
     Essene, Frank J. A Comparative study of Eskimo mythology. (PhD 1947, California.) Compares east, west and central Eskimo with Indians of Interior Canada, Northwest Coast tribes and northeast Asiatic peoples.
     Fisher, Ruby Keefauver. Literary and artistic expression of the Hopi Indians. (MA 1930, Indiana.)
     Flannery, Regina. A study of the distribution and development of the Memegwecio concept in Alonquian folklore. (MA 1931, Catholic.)
     Freed, Ruth Helen Anderson. An analysis of the literary significance of certain legends of the Yosemite Indians. (MA 1948, So. California.) Southern Miwok.
     French, David Heath. A comparative study of the mythologies of the Jicarilla, Lipan, Mescalero, and Chiricahua Apache Indians. (MA 1940, Claremont.)
     Gerow, Bert Alfred. Bloodclot Boy: an historical and sylistic study of a North American Indian hero tale. (PhD 1950, California.)
     Giddings, Ruth Warner. Folk literature of the Yaqui Indians. (MA 1945, Arizona.) Yaqui of Potam (Sonora), Pascua and Barrio Libre (Arizona.) 64 tales included, alien influences examined.
     Holt, Permelia Catharine. The relations of Shasta folklore. (PhD 1942, California.) Pub: "Shasta ethnography." U. Calif. Pubs. Amer. Archeol. Ethnol., 3, #4 [l946] p 299-349.
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     Luomala, Ellen Katharine. Turtle's War Party: a study in comparative mythology. (MA 1934, California.) Refers to most North American Tribes.
     Lydy, Llora Belle. Some European tales among North American Indian. (MA 1926, Indiana.)
     McDermott, Louisa. Ethnology and folklore of Selish proper. (MA 1994, California.) Flathead Reservation region in northern Montana; includes Flathead and Pend d'Oreille tribes.
     McNair, Robert Malcolm. The ideas of the good in the mythology of the Navaho Indians. (PhD 1948, Harvard.)
     Marjerrison, Mary Isabel. A comparative study of the origin myths of the Indians of the Plains and Plateau area. (MA 1935, Indiana.)
     Meyncke, Gretchen Dye. The "Orpheus" story among the North American Indians. (MA 1927, Indiana.)
     Montgomery, Guy. Studies in primitive folksong. (PhD 1921, California.) Pub: U. Calif. Pubs. Modern Philol., 11, #16 [1922] p 285-292. Contains texts of Chippewa and Teton-Sioux songs.
     Munro, John B. Language, legends and lore of the Carrier Indians. (PhD 1945, Ottawa.)
     Nelson, Emma Viola. The narrative method of the North American Indian folk tale as illustrated in the handling of plot, character, and setting. (MA 1932, Idaho.)
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B. Since 1955
     From Dissertation Abstracts International

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