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CONTENTS OF SAIL (Series 1, 1977-87)


Series 1 (or "New Series"), especially in the early issues, served primarily as a vehicle for professional exchange, publishing notices of events and volumes, scholarly opportunities, opinion and commentary, bibliographies and resources, and the like. Indexed here are specific essays and reviews, although various other and assorted items are interspersed throughout each issue.

1.1 (Spring 1977)

"Our purposes are to facilitate the exchange of information among those teaching American Indian Literatures and to promote appreciation of the literary accomplishments of American Indians."

Elaine Jahner
"Indian Literature and Critical Responsibility": 3-10.


1.2 (Fall 1977)

[notes and notices]


1.2 [Supplement] (Fall 1977)


A. LaVonne Ruoff
American Indian Prose and Poetry: We Wait in the Darkness, ed. Gloria Levitas, Frank R. Vivelo, and Jacqueline J. Vivelo: 19-24.

Dennis Tedlock
The Zunis: Self Portrayals, by the Zuni People: 24-28.

Gretchen Bataille
Wolf That I Am: In Search of the Red Earth People, by Fred McTaggart: 29-31.

[Anon.] Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko: 31-33.

2.1 (Spring 1978)

Werner Sollars
"`Ethnicity' as a `Key Word': Notes Toward a Definition": 1-6.

Elaine Jahner
The Blood People: A Division of the Blackfoot Confederacy: An Illustrated Interpretation of the Old Ways, by Adolf Hungry Wolf: 6-7.

Robert Sayre
Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko: 8-12.

Peter G. Beidler
Stay Away, Joe, by Dan Cushman: 13-15.

2.2 (Summer 1978)


John Jacob
Going for the Rain, by Simon Ortiz: 24-25.

Delilah Orr
Stories of Traditional Navajo Life and Culture by 22 Navajo Men and Women, ed. Broderick H. Johnson: 25-27.

Marcia Herndon
Ritual of the Wind, by Jamake Highwater: 28-29.

2.3 (Autumn 1978)

Peter Nabokov
"American Indian Literature: A Tradition of Renewal": 31-40.

Terry Straus
Dance Around the Sun, by Alice Marriott and Carol Rachlin: 40-43.

Patricia A. D'Andrea
I Am the Fire of Time: The Voices of Native American Women, ed. Jane B. Katz: 44-45.

2.4 (Winter 1978)


Michael Castro
Southwest: A Contemporary Anthology, ed. Karl Kopp, Jane Kopp, and Bart Lanier Stafford III: 46-49.

Carter Revard
Shooting at Shadows, Killing Crows: Workings from Plains Winter Counts, by Kirk Robertson: 49-51.

Judith Pearce
Language and Art in the Navajo Universe, by Gary Witherspoon: 51-55.

Kenneth Roemer
Then Badger Said This, by Elizabeth Cook-Lynn: 55-58.

3.1 (Winter 1979)

Paula Gunn Allen
"A Stranger In My Own Life: Alienation in Native American Prose and Poetry (I)": 1-10.

Michael Castro
New America: A Review, ed. Geary Hobson: 10-11.

Peter G. Beidler
Howbah Indians, by Simon J. Ortiz: 11-13.

Keewaydinoquay [Ms. Peschel]
I Am Nokomis, Too: The Biography of Verna Patronella, by Rosamond M. Vanderburgh: 13-14.

[Anon.] Two Hopi Song Poets of Shungopavi: Milland Lomakema and Mark Lomayestewa, ed. Michael Kabotie: 14-15.

Michael Castro
Mistah, by Lance Henson: 15.

3.2 (Spring 1979)

Paula Gunn Allen
"A Stranger in My Own Life: Alienation in Native American Prose and Poetry: II": 16-23 [with the earlier essay, this was expanded and revised, appearing in MELUS 7.2 (Summer 1980): 3-19].

Kenneth Rosen
American Indian Fiction, by Charles R. Larson: 24-26.

Dale Valory
Drawn from Life: California Indians in Pen and Brush, ed. Theodore Kroeber, Albert B. Elasasser, and Robert F. Heizer: 26-27.

Jim Ruppert
Long Division: A Tribal History: Poems, by Wendy Rose: 28-29.

3.3 (Summer 1979)


Michael Castro
North: Poems of Home, by Maurice Kenny: 31-33.

Michael D. Green
The Worlds Between Two Rivers: Perspectives on American Indians in Iowa, ed. Gretchen Bataille, David M. Gradwohl, and Charles L. P. Silen: 33-35.

Kathleen M. Sands
Yoeme: Lore of the Arizona Yaqui People, by Mini Valenzuela Kaczkurkin: 35-38.

Maurice Kenny
Digging Out the Roots and Turning to the Rhythms of Her Song, by Duane Niatum: 38-39.

Andrew O. Wiget
The Wishing Bone Cycle: Narrative Poems from the Swampy Cree Indians, by Howard A. Norman: 40-42.

Keewaydinoquay Peschel
Ojibway Heritage, by Basil Johnston: 43-44.

James Ruppert
Bidato: Ten Mile River Poems, by Duane Big Eagle: 44-45.

3.4 (Winter 1979)


Raymond J. Demallie (rpt. "Ayn Rand Meets Hiawatha," The Nation [28 April 1979]: 469-70): 46-50.
Bea Medicine: 50-55.
Vine Deloria, Jr.: 56-67.
Hanta Yo, by Ruth Beebe Hill: 46-67.

4.1 (Winter 1980)
Film and Literature

Gretchen Bataille
"Interview with N. Scott Momaday, April 11, 1979": 1-3.

Terry P. Wilson
"Teaching About Indians and Movies": 3-5.


Robert F. Sayre
A Good Journey, by Simon J. Ortiz: 10-12.

Patricia Smith
Going for the Rain, by Simon Ortiz: 12-13.

Pat D'Andrea
First Medicine Man: The Tale of Yobaghu-Talyonunh, by D. W. Frost: 13-14.

4.2 (Spring 1980)

Lowell Jaeger
"Seven Arrows: Seven Years After": 16-19.


Jeffrey Huntsman
The Way to Rainy Mountain, by N. Scott Momaday: 19-21.

Alan Velie
Prairie, by Jon and Annie West: 21.

Ralph J. Mills, Jr.
Coyote's Daylight Trip, by Paula Gunn Allen: 22-23.

Raymond J. DeMallie: 23-24.
Wiliam W. Thackeray: 24-25.
The Metaphysics of Modern Existence, by Vine Deloria, Jr.: 23-25.

A. LaVonne Ruoff: 26-27.
Lawrence E. Fisher: 27-28.
The American Indian: Language and Literature, comp. Jack W. Marken: 26-28.

Charles Roberts
Indian Tribal Sovereignty and Treaty Rights, ed. Pat D'Andrea and Susan V. Dewitt: 28-29.

Hillis Jager
A Snug Little Purchase: How Rionard Henderson Bought Kaintuckee from the Cherokees in 1775, by Charles Brasher: 29.

4.3 (Summer 1980)

Charles Roberts
"Recent Trends in Indian History": 31-44.


Dell Hymes
Coyote Was Going There: Indian Literature of the Oregon Country, ed. and comp. Jarold Ramsey: 45-48.

4.4 (Autumn 1980)

Kenneth M. Roemer
"Perception and Imagination: A Note on Seven Arrows": 49-50.

Mary P. Chambers
"White Man, White Whale: Albinism in House Made of Dawn": 54-57.


Patricia Clark Smith
Digging Out the Roots, by Duane Niatum: 50-51.

Michael Castro
Black Elk Speaks, ed. John G. Neihardt: 51-54.

Dexter Fisher
Tales of the Okanogans, by Mourning Dove [Humishuma]: 58-61.

Kay Sands
Spirit Woman, by Bonita Wa Wa Calachaw Nuñez, ed. Stan Steiner: 61-62.

5.1 (Winter 1981)


Michael D. Green
The White Man's Indian: Images of the American Indian from Columbus to the Present, by Robert F. Berkhofer, Jr.: 1-3.

Kay M. Sands
A Pima Past and Pima Indian Legends, by Anna Moore Shaw: 3-5.

Alan R. Velie
Shantih, Native American Issue, ed. Brian Swann and Roberta Hill: 5-7.

Karl Kroeber
Leslie Marmon Silko, by Per Seyersted: 7.

Craig Lesley
The Surrounded, by D'Arcy McNickle: 8-10.

Joseph Parisi
The Remembered Earth: An Anthology of Contemporary Native American Literature, ed. Geary Hobson: 10-14.

5.2 [Part 1] (Spring 1981)

A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff
"1978-80 Bibliography: Native American Literature, Oral and Written": 1-14


5.2 [Part 2] (Spring 1981)

[bibliography continued: 15-31; additions and corrections: 32-33]

5.3-4 (Fall 1981)

William W. Thackeray
"The Death of Jim Loney As a Half-Breed's Tragedy": 3-4.

Robert W. Lewis
"James Welch's The Death of Jim Loney": 4-6.

Kathleen Sands
"The Death of Jim Loney: Indian or Not?": 6-9.

Brian Swann
"Introduction to Smoothing the Ground: Essays on Native American Oral Literature": 10-15.


Larry Evers: 15-17.
Elaine Jahner: 17.
American Indian Literature: An Anthology, ed. Alan R. Velie: 15-17.

Paul N. Pavich
Buckskin Tokens: Contemporary Oral Narratives of the Lakota, ed. R. D. Theisz: 18.

6.1 (Winter 1982)


Patricia D'Andrea: 1-4.
Theresa Melendez Hayes: 4-7.
The Third Woman: Minority Writers of the United States, ed. Dexter Fisher: 1-7.

Gretchen Bataille
Sevukatmet: Ways of Life on St. Lawrence Island, by Helen Slwooko Carius: 7-8.

Helen Jaskoski
Calling Myself Home, by Linda Hogan,
Builder Kachina: A Home-Going Cycle, by Wendy Rose: 9-11.

Norma Wilson
Daughters, I Love You, by Linda Hogan: 11-12.

Karl Kroeber
Lost Copper, by Wendy Rose: 12-13.

Helen Jaskoski
Star Child, by Paula Gunn Allen,
Moccasin Meanderings, by Leonora [I Am Cree] McDowell,
There Is No Word for Goodbye, by Mary TallMountain: 13-15.

Virginia Wright Wexman
The Pretend Indians: Images of Native Americans in the Movies: 16-18.

6.2 (Spring 1982)

[Bibliography of Wendy Rose: 19-23]


Michael Dorris
Native American Testimony: An Anthology of Indian and White Relations, First Encounters to Dispossession, ed. Peter Nabokov: 1-4.

Robert W. Lewis
Long Wolf Poems, by Tony Long Wolf, Jr.,
Sweets for the Dancing Bears, by Adrian C. Louis: 5-10.

Jan Garden Castro
from Sand Creek, by Simon J. Ortiz: 10-14.

Theresa Eppridge
The Life and Art of Jerome Tiger, by Peggy Tiger and Molly Babcock: 15-17.

6.3 (Summer 1982)

Gretchen Bataille
"Ray Young Bear: Tribal History and Personal Vision": 1-6.

James Ruppert
"Outside the Arc of the Poem: A Review of Ray Young Bear's Winter of the Salamander": 6-10.

Robert Gish
"On First Reading Young Bear's Winter of the Salamander": 10-15.


A LaVonne Brown Ruoff
Wordarrows: Indians and Whites in the New Fur Trade, by Gerald Vizenor: 15-19.

6.4 (Fall 1982)

Joseph Bruchac
"A Good Day to Be Alive: Some Observations on Contemporary American Indian Writing": 1-6.

[Bibliography of Duane Niatum: 13-15]


Jarold Ramsey
Songs for the Harvester of Dreams, by Duane Niatum: 6-13.

Priscilla Wald
Storyteller, by Leslie Marmon Silko: 17-26.

Jan Garden Castro
The Great Injun Carnival: The Secret Diary of General George Armstrong Custer, by James Magorian: 26-27.

7.1 (Winter 1983)

[Bibliography of Maurice Kenny : 6-7.]

Maurice Kenny
"Proliferation": 2-5.

Carolyn D. Scott
"Baskets of Sweetgrass: Maurice Kenny's Dancing Back Strong the Nation and I Am the Sun": 8-13.

Joseph Bruchac
"Offering it All to the Sea: Duane Niatum's New Songs": 13-19.

Carter Revard
"Does the Crow Fly? The Poems of Duane Niatum": 20-26.

7.2 ([?] 1983)

Andrew Wiget
"Blue Stones, Bones, and Troubled Silver: The Poetic Craft of Wendy Rose": 48-54.


Theresa Eppridge
Suntracks V: 29-34.

Andrew Wiget
The South Corner of Time: Hopi, Navaho, Papago, Yaqui Tribal Literatures, ed. Larry Evers et al.: 34-37 [corrections: 7.4 (Winter 1983): 107-08].

Elaine Jahner
A Dakota Grammar, by Franz Boas and Ella Deloria: 37-39.

Larry Evers
Omaha Tribal Myths and Trickster Tales, by Roger Welsch: 39-43.

Michael Hopkins
Lost Copper, by Wendy Rose: 45-48.

7.3 (Fall 1983)

[Bibliography of Paula Gunn Allen: 55-56]

John Lowe
"Cantas Encantadas: Paula Gunn Allen's Shadow Country": 56-65.

Mary TallMountain
"Paula Gunn Allen's `The One Who Skins Cats': An Inquiry into Spiritedness": 69-75.

Elaine Jahner
"Climbing a Sacred Ladder: Technique in the Poetry of Paula Gunn Allen": 76-80.


A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff
The Woman Who Owned the Shadows: The Autobiography of Ephanie Atencio, by Paula Gunn Allen: 65-69.

7.4 (Winter 1983)


Jarold Ramsey
Four American Indian Literary Masters: N. Scott Momaday, James Welch, Leslie Marmon Silko, and Gerald Vizenor, by Alan R. Velie: 81-84.

Norma Wilson
New Native American Indian Drama: Three Plays, by Hanay Geiogamah: 84-87.

Carole Slade
Writing to Create Ourselves, by T. D. Allen: 87-92.

Robert Lewis
Death Dances: Two Novellas on North American Indians, by John Marvin and Raymond Abbot: 92-97.

Dexter Fisher
American Indian Stories, by Zitkala Sa: 97-100.

Michael Castro
Blackrobe: Isaac Jogues, by Maurice Kenny: 100-04.

Maurice Kenny
Hail! Nene Karenna, the Hymn, by Bruce Burton: 104-07.

8.1 (Spring 1984)

[Bibliography of Linda Hogan: 1]

Geoffrey Gardner
"Out of Eden's Cold Bondage": 2-8.

Kathleen Cain
"The Diary of Amanda McFadden": 8-13.


Susan Fraiman
Calling Myself Home, by Linda Hogan: 13-15.

Mabel Anderson
The Grace of Wooden Birds, by Linda Hogan: 15-18.

Robley Evans
Big Falling Snow: A Tewa-Hopi Indian's Life and Times and the History and Traditions of His People, by Albert Yava, ed. Harold Courlander,
The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge, ed. George Horse Capture: 18-22.

Jarold Ramsey
Indian Tales of the Northwest, ed. Patricia Mason and Patricia Ellis,
A Guide to B.C. Indian Myth and Legend: A Short History of Myth-Collecting and a Survey of Published Texts, by Ralph Maud,
Many Voices: An Anthology of Contemporary Canadian Indian Poetry, ed. David Day and Marilyn Bowering,
A Native Heritage: Images of the Indian in English Canadian Literature, by Leslie Monkman: 23-27.

8.2 (Spring 1984)

Kim Echlin
"Ojibway Creation": 1-35.

Julian C. Rice
"Hearing the Silence Through Lakota Songs": 35-39.

Franchot Ballinger
"Sacred Reversals: Trickster in Gerald Vizenor's Earthdivers: Tribal Narratives on Mixed Descent ": 44-49.


David Yerkes
The Spoken Word and the Work of Interpretation, by Dennis Tedlock: 40-43.

William Bright
"In Vain I Tried to Tell You": Essays in Native American Ethnopoetics, by Dell Hymes: 49-55.

8.3-4 (Summer-Fall 1984)

[Bibliography of Simon Ortiz: 57-58]

Joseph Bruchac
"This is Our Victory: Fightin': New and Selected Stories": 59-69.


John Lowe
from Sand Creek, by Simon J. Ortiz: 69-81.

Amy Ling
A Good Journey, by Simon J. Ortiz: 81-86.

Beth Langan
Fight Back: For the Sake of the People, for the Sake of the Land, by Simon J. Ortiz: 86-91.

Mary Dearborn
A Poem Is a Journey, by Simon J. Ortiz: 91-93.

Louise Erdrich
Songs From This Earth on Turtle's Back: Contemporary American Indian Poetry, ed. Joseph Bruchac: 95-97.

Anna Stensland
Ohiyesa: Charles Eastman, Santee Sioux, by Raymond Wilson: 97-102.

Claire Rossini
Columbus Day: Poems, Drawings, and Stories About American Life and Death in the Nineteen-Seventies, by Jimmie Durham: 102-05.

Kenneth M. Roemer
Wounds Beneath the Flesh: 15 Native American Poets, ed. Maurice Kenny: 105-07.

Jim Ruppert
Adawosgi, Swimmer Wesley Snell: A Cherokee Memorial, by Robert J. Conley: 107-08.

[Anon.] Native Americans: Recommended Books for Children and Young Adults, comp. Kathleen Mulroy, ed. Theresa A. Trucksis,
Visions in Ink: Drawings of Native Nations, by Kahiones: 108-09.

9.1 (Winter 1985)
Special Issue on Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

Karl Kroeber
"Introduction": 1-4.


Dee Brown: 4-5.

Ursula K. Le Guin: 5-6.

Scott R. Sanders: 6-11.

Kathleen M. Sands: 12-24.

Linda Ainsworth: 24-29.

[Bibliography of Louise Erdrich: 37-41; biography: 36]


Elaine Jahner
Jacklight, by Louise Erdrich: 29-34.

9.2 (Spring 1985)

[Bibliography of Gerald Vizenor: 46-49]

Karl Kroeber
"Introduction": 49-52.

A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff
"Gerald Vizenor: Compassionate Trickster": 52-63.

Elaine Jahner
"Allies in the Word Wars": 64-69.

Linda Ainsworth
"History and the Imagination: Gerald Vizenor's The People Named the Chippewa": 70-80.


Paul Kleinpoppen
James Welch, by Peter Wild: 81-83.

[Anon.] The Mama Poems, by Maurice Kenny,
Coyote Was Here, ed. Bo Schöler,
American Indian Linguistics and Literature, by William Bright: 85-87.

9 [Supplement]
Bibliographies of Native American Poets

Paula Gunn Allen: 2-9.

Peter Blue Cloud: 10.

Joseph Bruchac III: 11-12.

Louise Erdrich: 13-17.

Joy Harjo: 18-23.

Linda Hogan: 24-26.

Maurice Kenny: 27-31

Duane Niatum: 32-35.

Simon J. Ortiz: 36-42.

Wendy Rose: 43-47.

Gerald Vizenor: 48-53.

Roberta Hill Whiteman: 54-56.

Ray A. Young Bear (partial listing): 57-58.


9.3 (Summer 1985)

William Thackeray
"The Emic and Etic of James Willard Schultz and Hugh A. Dempsey": 117-22.


Karl Kroeber
Cogewea: The Half-Blood, by Mourning Dove [Hum-ishu-Ma]: 91-92,
Blackfoot Lodge Tales: The Story of a Prairie People, by George Bird Grinnell: 93,
My People the Sioux, by Luther Standing Bear: 93,
The World's Rim, by Hartley Burr Alexander: 93-94,
Navajo Coyote Tales: The Curly to Aheedlinii Version, by Fr. Berard Haile, ed. Karl W. Luckert: 94,
Hopi Coyote Tales: Istutuwutsi, by Ekkehart Malotki and Michael Lomatuway'ma: 94.

Paul D. Kroeber
A Grammar of Kiowa, by Laurel J. Watkins, with Parker McKenzie: 95.

Linda Ainsworth
American Indian Women: Telling Their Lives, ed. Gretchen M. Bataille and Kathleen Sands: 96.

Eric Lott: 99-102.
Joseph E. DeFlyer: 102-04.
The Punishment of the Stingy and Other Indian Stories, by George Bird Grinnell: 99-104.

Karl Kroeber
The Sons of the Wind: The Sacred Stories of the Lakota, ed. D. M. Dooley: 106-13.

Ralph Maud
The Study of American Indian Religions, by Ake Hultkrantz: 113-17.

Helen Jaskoski
Tales From the Mohaves, by Herman Grey: 122-24.

Terry P. Wilson
Wah'Kon-Tah: The Osage and the White Man's Road, by John Joseph Matthews: 124-27.

Paul Zolbrod: 127-31.
Susan Fraiman: 131-35.
Studies in American Indian Literature: Critical Essays and Course Descriptions, ed. Paula Gunn Allen: 127-35.

Carol Hunter
Talking to the Moon, by John Joseph Matthews: 135-37.

[Anon.] The Reservation Blackfeet, 1882-1945: A Photographic History of Cultural Survival, by William E. Farr,
Native American Folklore, 1879-1979: An Annotated Bibliography, comp. William M. Clements and Francis M. Malpezzi,
The Raven Steals the Light, by Bill Reid and Robert Bringhurst: 137-39.

9.4 (Fall 1985)

Maurice Kenny
"Blackening the Robe": 153-58.

Joseph Bruchac
"The Coming of Gluskabi": 206-08.


Bo Schöler: 143-47.
Thomas King: 147-53.
The Woman Who Owned the Shadows, by Paula Gunn Allen: 143-53.

Karl Kroeber
The Jailing of Cecelia Capture, by Janet Campbell Hale: 158-60.

A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff
Wind From an Enemy Sky, by D'Arcy McNickle: 160-63.

Kenneth Lincoln
Raccontare [Storyteller], by Leslie Marmon Silko, trans. Laura Coltelli: 163-65.

Priscilla Wald
A Cannon Between My Knees, by Paula Gunn Allen: 165-69.

Ralph Cintron
My Horse and a Jukebox, by Barney Bush: 169-73.

Carla Kaplan
What Moon Drove Me to This? and She Had Some Horses, by Joy Harjo: 175-77.

William Thackeray
The Seven Visions of Bull Lodge, by Garter Snake, gathered Fred P. Gone, ed. George Horse Capture: 177-82.

David Lampe
Interpreting the Indian: Twentieth-Century Poets and the Native American, by Michael Castro: 182-86.

Carol Hunter
The Indians of Oklahoma: Newcomers to a New Land, by Renard Strickland, ed. E. Wayne Morgan et al.: 186-89.

Woesha Cloud North
That's What She Said: Contemporary Poetry and Fiction by Native American Women, ed. Rayna Green: 189-98.

[Anon.] Native American Literature, by Andrew Wiget,
Canadian Inuit Literature: The Development of a Tradition, by Robin McGrath,
In Honor of Eyak: The Art of Anna Nelson Harry, comp. and ed. Michael E. Krauss,
Athabaskan Stories from Anvik, transcr. and ed. James Kari,
The Sapir-Kroeber Correspondence, ed. Victor Golla,
Of Earth and Little Rain: The Papago Indians, by Bernard L. Fontana,
Life Among the Piutes: Their Wrongs and Claims, by Sarah Winnemucca Hopkins,
A Sender of Words: Essays in Memory of John G. Neihardt, ed. Vine Deloria, Jr.,
Spirit Mountain: An Anthology of Yuman Story and Song, ed. Leanne Hinton and Lucile J. Watahomige,
Hopitutuwutsi / Hopi Tales, by Ekkehart Malotki,
The Wind Eagle and Other Abenaki Stories, by Joseph Bruchac: 199-208.

10.1 (Winter 1986)

Robert Moore, trans. and transcr.
"Coyote and the Five Sisters, told by Mrs. Lucinda Smith, Warm Springs, Oregon, 25 August 1983": 1-15.

Roger Dunsmore
"Transformation: Sweat Lodge Ritual Number 1: A Brief Exercise in Ethno-Poetics, Fletcher/LaFlesche, 1903": 16-37.

Karl Kroeber
"Elderberry and Stone: A Source for Tsimshian Literary Studies": 38-42.


Jarold Ramsey
For Those Who Come After: A Study of Native American Autobiography , by Arnold Krupat: 43-51.

Karl Kroeber
N. Scott Momaday: The Cultural and Literary Background , by Matthias Schubnell: 52-58.

Paul G. Zolbrod
Living the Sky: The Cosmos of the American Indian , by Ray A. Williamson: 59-62.

Ralph J. Mills, Jr.
Shadow Country, A Cannon Between My Knees , and Star Child , by Paula Gunn Allen: 63-67.

10.2 (Spring 1986) [monograph]

Paul Kleinpoppen
"Some Notes on Oliver La Farge": 69-120.

10.3 (Summer 1986)

John Purdy
"The Transformation: Tayo's Genealogy in Ceremony": 121-33.

Edwin Smith
"Andrew Peynetsa's Telling of `The Boy and the Deer': Storytelling and Double Binds": 134-47.

Susan Lepselter
"Topic of Transformation: Some Aspects of Myth and Metaphor": 148-60.

Daniela Gioseffi
"Nature's Wisdom of the Wanderer": 163-73.


Karl Kroeber
Pocahontas's Daughters: Gender and Ethnicity in American Culture, by Mary V. Dearborn: 161-62.

10.4 (Fall 1986)

Leslie Marmon Silko
"Here's an Odd Artifact for the Fairy-Tale Shelf" [rpt. from Impact / Albuquerque Journal Magazine (7 Oct. 1986): 10-11]: 178-84.

Roger Dunsmore
"Earth's Mind": 187-202.

Jacob Nash
"Narrative: November 13, 1978": 206-10.

Maurice Kenny
"The Sun Is Not Merciful": 211-14.


[Anon.] The Beet Queen , by Louise Erdrich: 177-78.

Karl Kroeber
Fools Crow , by James Welch: 185-86.

Karl Kroeber
Cev'armiut Qanemciit Qulirait-llu: Eskimo Narratives and Tales from Chevak, Alaska , by Tom Imgalrea, Jacob Nash, Thomas Moses, Leo Moses, and Mary Kokrak, trans. Leo Moses and Anthony C. Woodbury, comp. and ed. Anthony C. Woodbury: 203-10.

[Anon.] Indians of California: The Changing Image , by James J. Rawl,
Iroquois Stories , by Joseph Bruchac,
Dena'ina Sukdu'a: Traditional Stories of the Tanaina Athabaskans , rec. trans., ed., and transcr. Joan M. Tenenbaum,
Seeing Through the Sun , by Linda Hogan,
New and Old Voices of Wah'kon-tah , ed. Robert K. Dodge and Joseph B. McCullough,
A Poison Stronger than Love: The Destruction of an Ojibwa Community , by Anastasia M. Shkilnyk,
Edward Sapir: Appraisals of His Life and Work , ed. Konrad Koerner,
The Pueblo Storyteller: Development of a Figurative Ceramic Tradition , by Barbara A. Babcock and Guy and Doris Monthan,
The Passing of the Great West , by George Bird Grinnell, ed. John F. Rieger,
The Modocs and Their War , by Keith A. Murray,
The Halfbreed Chronicles and Other Poems , by Wendy Rose: 215-21.

11.1 (Winter 1987)

Joyce Flynn
"Academics on the Trail of the Stage `Indian': A Review Essay": 1-16.

John Purdy
"Bha'a and The Death of Jim Loney": 17-24.

Karl Kroeber
[rev. of Simon Ortiz , by Andrew Wiget, and bibliography: 25-26.]

William Oandasan
"Simon Ortiz: The Poet and His Landscape": 26-37.


Roger Dunsmore
Wind From an Enemy Sky , by D'Arcy McNickle: 38-54.

[Anon.] Beyond Ethnicity: Consent and Descent in American Culture , by Werner Sollars,
Sacred Language: The Nature of Supernatural Discourse in Lakota, by William K. Powers,
Frank Waters: A Retrospective Anthology , ed. Charles Adams: 57-59.

11.2 (Spring 1987)

Karl Kroeber
"Oral Narrative in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction": 61-90.

Anthony Mattina
"On the Transcription and Translation of The Golden Woman": 92-101.


William Bright
Yaqui Deer Songs / Maso Bwikam: A Native American Poetry , ed Larry Evers and Felipe S. Molina: 103-06.

Karl Kroeber
Images of American Indians on Film: An Annotated Bibliography , by Gretchen M. Bataille and Charles L. P. Silet,
American Indian Novelists: An Annotated Critical Bibliography, by Tom Colonneses and Louis Owens: 107-08.

[After this issue, SAIL merged with Columbia University's The Dispatch, a union that survived at least three issues, but in a much diminished form.]


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