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Studies in American Indian Literatures, the Newsletter of the Association for the Study of American Indian Literatures is issued four times a year. Annual subscription $4.00 until Jan. 31 for four issues of that calendar year, thereafter $4.00 for remaining issues. For availability and prices of back issues, write the editor, Karl Kroeber, 602 Philosophy Hall, Columbia University, NY, NY 10027. Bibliography, A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff, Univ. of Illinois, Chicago Circle. Advisory editorial Board: Paula Gunn Allen, Gretchen Bataille, Joseph Bruchac, Vine Deloria, Jr., Larry Evers, Dell Hymes, Maurice Kenny, Robert Sayre. © SAIL 1981.

        This is the first part of SAIL 5:2 and will be followed by the second half of the bibliography, including Literary Scholarship, with an identical format. Both parts are made available to current subscribers of record only, and will not be available for back ordering except at a special price.
        Among pamphlets in the Western Writers Series from Boise State University, zip 84725, described in our last issue, SAIL readers might note 9, N SCOTT MOMADAY, by Martha Trimble, 10, PLAINS INDIAN AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, by Lynne Woods O'Brien, 25, JOHN G. NEIHARDT, by Lucile F. Aly, 27, GEORGE CATLIN, by Joseph R. Millichap, 33, CHARLES ALEXANDER EASTMAN (OHIYESA), by Marion Copeland. . . . Brian Swann calls our attention to YOU CALL ME CHIEF: IMPRESSIONS OF THE LIFE OF CHIEF DAN GEORGE (Doubleday) by Hilda Mortimer with Chief Dan George, and ECOLOGICAL ISSUES IN NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY (Syracuse Univ Press), ed. Christopher Vecsey and Robert Venables .... Nebraska Press is expanding its publications relating to Native Americans, among recent reprints, all inexpensive in paperback, are Charles Eastman, FROM THE DEEP WOODS TO CIVILIZATION, Luther Standing Bear, LAND OF THE SPOTTED EAGLE and MY PEOPLE THE SIOUX, John Stands in Timber with Margot Liberty, CHEYENNE MEMORIES, and CO-GE-WE-A, THE HALF BLOOD by Hum-ishu-ma, "Mourning Dove." New from Nebraska are H. David Brumble III, AN ANNOTATED BIBLIOGRAPHY OF AMERICAN INDIAN AND ESKIMO AUTOBIOGRAPHIES, an extensive and most helpfully analyzed collection, and Karl Kroeber's TRADITIONAL AMERICAN INDIAN LIERATURES, which includes nine narratives with commentaries by Hymes, Kroeber, Ramsey, Tedlock, Toelken and Tacheeni Scott. . . . The 13th Algonquin Conference will be held at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, 252 Bloor St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1V6, October 23-25, 1981. Those wishing to present a paper (20 min) should send title and abstract of 100 words to Barbara Burnaby at the address above, who will also supply information and announcements to those requesting them....


, N.S. Vol. 5, No. 2 (Spring 1981)

A. LaVonne Brown Ruoff

        The following bibliography focuses primarily on works published since 1978. Relevant works published earlier which did not appear in previous ASAIL "Bibliographic Notes" columns are included here.

        The major divisions are:   I. Bibliographies and Reference.   II. Anthologies.   III. Collections of Oral Literatures.   IV. Works by Native American Authors-- 1934-present.   V. Special Issues of Periodicals and new Journals.   VI. Literary Scholarship and Criticism:  A. General,  B. Oral Literatures,  C. N.A. authors.   VII. Backgrounds:  A. Ritual, Religion, and Philosophy;  B. Biography;  C. Culture, History, Indian-white Relations;  D. Image of the Indian;  E. Indian Women;  F. Indian Art, Artists, and Architecture;  G. Performing Arts;  H. Audio-Visual Materials and Criticism.   VIII. Non-Indian Writers on Indian Themes.

        Because of the lack of research staff, the bibliography makes no claim to completeness. Standard journals in literature and anthropology have been surveyed. Information on backgrounds has primarily been derived from publisher catalogues and brochures. Full information about books is given when available. Additions will be welcomed. Readers are urged to send reprints and information about relevant publications.

        Also included is a list of small and reprint presses which have published materials about or by Indians. Additions to this list will also be welcomed.

        Unless otherwise indicated, all poetry chapbooks are in paperback.


        Bataille, Gretchen and Charles L.P. Silet, comps. "Indians in the Movies: A Selected Checklist." SAIL, N.S. 4:1 (Winter 1980), 5-10; see also N.S. 4:2 (Spring, 1980), 30.

        Beidler, Peter G. and Marion F. Egge, comps. The American Indian in Short Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography. Metucken, NJ: Scarecrow, 1979. 215 pp. $10.00 hb. Lists almost 900 short stories about American Indians published between Civil War and the present. Indices according to tribe and according to subject matter or recurring motif; plot summary for each story.

        Bibliography for the Ojibwe: A History Resource Unit. Education Services Division, Minnesota Hist. Soc., comp. 1973; rpt. St. Paul: Minnesota Archaeological Soc., forthcoming. 28 pp. $3.00. Gives many of the sources used in preparing The Ojibwe: A History Resource Unit, Minnesota Hist. Soc.

        Dorris, Michael. "Native American in an Ethnohistorical Context." College English, 41:2 (October 1979), 147-62. Discusses the importance of cultural context of Indian literatures. Provides lengthy and {2} useful general bibliography on literature. See Ramsey below for supplementary bibliography.

        Dundes, Alan. Bibliography of Folklore Bibliographies. New York: Garland, 1981 forthcoming.

        Encyclopedia of Indians of the Americas. St. Clair Shores, MI: Scholarly Pr., in process. 20 vols; 1 vol pub. $45.50 each. Covers western hemisphere with material (alphabetically arranged) prepared for the encyclopedia. Includes recent developments, bibliography with over 25,000 references, index volume, illustrations, maps and diagrams. Address: 19722 E. Nine Mile Rd., St. Clair Shores, MI 48080.

        Knaster, Meri, comp. Women in Spanish America: An Annotated Bibliography from Pre-Conquest to Contemporary Times. Boston: G.K. Hall, 1977. 696 pp. Among the topics are biography, autobiography, arts, literature, mass media, folklore.

        Heiser, R.F. and M.A. Whipple, comp. and ed. The California Indians: A Source Book. 2nd ed. rev. 1971. pb. rpt. Berkeley: Univ. of California, 1980. 624 pp. $7.95. A standard reference guide.

        Lee, Dorothy, comp. Native American Music and Oral Data: Sound Recordings, 1893-1976. Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Pr., 1979. 480 pp. $22.50 hb. Comprehensive and cross-referenced guide to Indiana University's Archives of Traditional Music--second largest collection of Native North American music and oral data in the world. Catalogues field, commercial, and broadcast recordings of native peoples from Alaska to Central America.

        Laird, W. David, comp. Hopi Bibliography: Comprehensive and Annotated. Tucson: Univ. of Arizona Pr., 1977. 735 pp. Most complete bibliography of the Hopi, now in pb., $7.95.

        Marken, Jack W. and Herbert T. Hoover, comps. Bibliography of the Sioux. Forward by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve. Metuchen, NJ: Scarecrow, 198O. 388 pp. $17.50 hb. First volume of Native American Bibliography Series. Includes materials on the Sioux from earliest records of white contact through 1978. Of special interest are sections on arts and culture, on religion, and on Indian authors. Partially annotated, with name and subject indexes.

        Newberry Library Center for the History of the American Indian, Bibliography Series, Francis Jennings, gen. ed. Bloomington, IN: Indiana Univ. Pr. $3.95 each. Selected bibliographies, each with approximately 200 items and introductory bibliographic essay. Order from Indiana Univ. Press. Volumes published since 1977 (for others, see Kroeber and Ruoff, "A Basic Bibliography for Teachers"):

               Fogelson, Raymond, comp. The Cherokees. 1978. 98 pp.

             Green, Michael, comp. The Greeks. 1979. 114 pp.

              Hoover, Herbert, comp. The Sioux. 1979. 78 pp.

              Grumet, Robert S., comp. Native American of the Northwest Coast. 1979. 108 pp.

              Melody, Michael E., comp. The Apaches. 1977. 86 pp.

              Porter, Frank W., III, comp. Indians in Maryland and Delaware.

              Ronda, James P. and James Axtell, comp. Indian Missions. 1978. 85 pp.

              Snow, Dean R., comp. Native American Prehistory. 1977. 75 pp.

              Tooker, Elizabeth, comp. The Indians of the Northeast. 1978. 77 pp.

              Unrau, William E., comp. The Emigrant Indians of Kansas. 1979. 78 pp.

                Weslager, C.A., comp. The Delaware. 1979. 84 pp.

        Niles, Susan A. South American Indian Narrative Scholarship: An Annotated Bibliography. New York: Garland, 1981 forthcoming.

        Prucha, P., comp. A Bibliographical Guide to the History of Indian-White Relations in the United States. Chicago: Univ. of Chicago Pr., 1977. 454 pp. $6.95 pb. Essential bibliography for non-literary backgrounds. Contains guides to archives, documents, manuscripts; bibliography of sources, organized by topic. Of special interest are sections on concepts and images of the Indian, contributions of Indians to American life, Indian writings, and Indian groups.

        Ramsey, Jarold. "A Supplement to Michael Dorris's `Native American Literature.'" College English, 41:8 (April 1980), 933-35.

        Rosen, Kenneth. "A Bibliography of Native American Novels." MELUS, 6:1 (Spring 1979), 90-91. Lists most of novels published by Indian writers from 1899-1979; not annotated.

        Smith, Dwight L., ed. Indians of the United States and Canada. I. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO, 1974. 453 pp. $48.00 hb. Contains author-subject-biographic-geographic index, plus a list of periodicals. Volume II forthcoming.

        Stensland, Anna Lee, comp. Literature by and about the American Indian: An Annotated Bibliography. 2nd ed. With contributions by Aune M. Fadum. Urbana, IL: NCTE, 1979. 382 pp. $6.00. Describes more than 775 books, primarily those published since the 1973 edition. Added to 2nd ed. are annotations for over 200 elementary-level books, prepared by Aune Fadum. Includes works about Indians from Alaska to Mexico. Books grouped by age range (primary through adult). Designed for use by teachers at all levels. Contains brief bibliographies of of 54 19th- and 20th-century authors. for teachers and libraries.

        Thatcher, Benjamin B. Indian Biography: North American Natives Distinguished as Orators, Warriors, Statesmen. 1832; rpt. Glorieta, NM: Rio Grande, 1979. 2 vols. 668 pp. $20.00. Enlarged format, new scholarly introduction, and index. Important source for biographical information about Indians prior to 1832. A basic reference work.

        Washburn, Wilcomb E. and John Aubrey, comp. The North American Indian Captivity. New York: Garland, 1977. 250 pp. $24.00. Comprehensive checklist of narratives by those held captive by Indians; preface by Washburn.

        Wolf, Carolyn and Karen F. Folk, comps. Indians of North and South America. A Bibliography Based on the Willard E. Yager Library-Museum, Hartwick College, Oneonta, NY. Metucken, NJ: Scarecrow, 1977. 576 pp. $25.00.


        Blicksilver, Edith, ed. The Ethnic American Woman: Problems, Protests, Lifestyles. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt, 1979. Address: 2460 Kerper Blvd., Dubuque, IA 52001. 400 pp. $12.95. Anthology of women's literature: Hispanic, Native American, Black, Asian-American, Jewish-American, White Ethnic American. Native American writers: Rose Mary Barstow, Joy Harjo, nila northSun, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Marmon Silko, Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve, Liz Sohappy, Anne Webster. Includes class discussion, writing, and research topics; biographical sketches of writers and artists; suggested readings. A varied collection.

        Bruchac, Joseph, ed. Poems by Third-World Americans. Trumansburg, NY: Crossing, 1978. $9.95 hb; $4.95 pb. Address: 17 W. Main St., Trumansburg, NY 14886.

        Fisher, Dexter. The Third Woman: Ethnic Women in the United States. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin, 1980. 594 pp. $9.50 pb. Anthology of selections by American Indian, Chicana, Black, and Asian-American women. Native American writers: Paula Gunn Allen, Kay Bennett, Janet Campbell, Elizabeth Cook-Lynn, Anita Endrezze-Danielson, Nia Francisco, Joy Harjo, Roberta Hill, Mourning Dove, Opal Lee Popkes, Wendy Rose, Helen Sekaquaptewa, Leslie Marmon Silko, Elizabeth Sullivan, Judith Ivaloo Volborth, and Marnie Walsh. Each section introduced by a discussion of cultural and literary backgrounds and by selections illustrating these contexts. Contains biographical notes on contributors, appendices on folklore and literature and on texts and contexts. Each appendix has suggestions for discussion and for writing. A carefully prepared textbook with well-chosen selections.

        Frost, O.W., ed. Contemporary Alaskan Literature. Anchorage, AL: Alaska Pacific Univ. Pr., 1969. 91 pp. $2.50 pb. Includes photographs and index.

        Hobson, Geary, ed. The Remembered Earth. Albuquerque, NM: 1979; rpt. Univ. of New Mexico Press, 1981 forthcoming. 400 pp. $15.95 hb; $9.95 pb. Formerly published by Red Earth Press. A comprehensive anthology of contemporary Native American writing, with substantial selections from many of the best recent writers. Contains both prose and poetry; brief biographies of contributors. Does not include Welch, Vizenor, and Hill.

        Maloney, Dennis, ed. On Turtle's Back: A Biogeographic Anthology of New York State Poetry. Buffalo, NY: White Pine Pr., 1979. 125 pp. $10.00 hb; $4.50 pb. Over 100 poets, including Peter Blue Cloud, Joseph Bruchac, Maurice Kenny, and Rokwaho. Address: 109 Duerstein St., Buffalo, NY 14210.

        Nabokov, Peter, ed. Native American Testimony: An Anthology of Indian and White Relations--First Encounter to Dispossession. Preface by Vine Deloria, Jr. New York: Crowell, 1978; pb. Harper & Row, 1979. 238 pp. {5} $8.95 hb; $3.95 pb. Prose. Excerpts from documents, autobiographies, oral histories demonstrating Indian response to relations with whites. Material presented by topic rather than by chronology. Ends with establishment of reservations. Contains brief introduction to selections and some notes. Interesting collection of materials before 1900; somewhat difficult to use in courses organized by chronology or culture areas.

        Trusky, Thomas, ed. Women Poets of the West: An Anthology, 1850-1950. Boise, ID: Ahsahta Pr., 1978. $4.95 pb.

        Velie, Alan R., ed. American Indian Literature: An Anthology. Illus. Danny Timmons (Cherokee). Norman: Univ. of Oklahoma Pr., 1979. 356 pp. $15.95 hb; $6.95 pb. Sections on oral literature, memoirs, oratory, contemporary poetry, fiction. Includes Leslie White's version of an Acoma origin myth, Paul Radin's version of the Winnebago Trickster cycle, excerpts from the Walam Olum, and Chippewa and Plains songs. John Mathews the only writer before 1968. Others are Lance Henson, N. Scott Momaday, Simon Ortiz, Carter Revard, James Welch and several Kiowa writers: Richard Aitson, Russell Bates, Gus Palmer. No women authors. Brief introductions to selections; no notes.


        Applegate, Frank G. Indian Stories from the Pueblos: Tales of New Mexico and Arizona. 1929; rpt. Glorieta, NM: Rio Grande, 1979. 198 pp. $10.00. Miscellany of tales of Pueblo Indians; indexed.

        Barnouw, Victor. Wisconsin Chippewa Myths and Tales and Their Relation to Chippewa Life. Madison: Univ. of Wisconsin Pr., 1977; pb. 1980. 265 pp. $20.00 hb. First published collection of these myths and legends, analyzed from sociological and psychological perspectives. Includes trickster tales. Full commentary, appendices, index.

        Benedict, Ruth. Cochiti Tales. Intro. Alfonso Ortiz. 1931; rpt. Albuquerque: Univ. of New Mexico Pr., 1981 forthcoming.

        Blackburn, Thomas C., ed. December's Child: A Book of Chumash Oral Narratives. pb. rpt. Berkeley: Univ. of Calif. Pr., 1980. 383 pp. $5.95. Tales from the Chumash tribe of California; contains analysis emphasizing cultural context.

        Clark, Ella E. Indian Legends of the Pacific Northwest. 1953; rpt. in pb. Berkeley: Univ. of California Pr., 1979. 226 pp. $3.45. Clark retells in her own words over 100 tribal tales.

        Clay, Charles. Swampy Cree Legends. 2nd ed. Bewdley, Ont.: Pine Ridge, 1978.

        Cornplanter, Jesse J. (Seneca). Legends of the Longhouse. 1938; rpt. Port Washington, NY: Kennikat, 1963. 218 pp. $10.00 hb. Myths and legends of the Seneca. A basic source.

        Gunn, John M. Schat-chen: History, Traditions and Narratives of the Queres Indians of Laguna and Acoma. 1917; rpt. New York: AMS. $18.50. Despite Gunn's bizarre theories about the origins of these Keres tribes, the {6} book is important to understanding of the Laguna and Acoma myths. Gunn, who married a Laguna woman, includes tribal illustrations of gods portrayed in the myths.

        Johnston, Basil (Ojibwa). Ojibway Heritage. New York and Toronto: Columbia Univ. Pr. and McClellen & Stewart, 1976; pb. rpt. Toronto: McClellen & Stewart, 1979. 171 pp. $11.95 hb. Summary of basic oral traditions of the Ojibwa. Well-told collection of stories mixed with ethnographic descriptions written by a gifted author. Now in paperback.

        Kroeber, A.L. Yoruk Myths. Foreword by Theodora Kroeber; biographical intro. by Timothy H.N. Thoresen. Editor's pref. by Grace Buzaljko; analytic appendix by Alan Dundes. 1975; pb. rpt. Berkeley: Univ. of California Pr., 1980. 528 pp. $6.95. A comprehensive and authoritative text essential for all library collections, now available in edition for classroom use.

        Kroeber, Theodora. The Inland Whale: Nine Stories Retold from California Indian Legends. Foreword by Oliver LaFarge. 1959; pb. rpt. Berkeley: Univ. of California pr., 1980. 205 pp. $3.95. An effective blend of oral tradition and imaginative narration.

        Masson, Marcelle. A Bag of Bones: Legends of the Wintu Indians of Northern California. Happy Camp, CA: Naturegraph, 1966. 130 pp. $8.50 hb; $4.50 pb. Wintu myths told by the late Grant Towendolly, to whom the preservation of the Trinity Wintu legends was entrusted.

        Saxton, Dean and Lucilla. O'othan Hohook Aagitha: Legends of the Papago and Pima Indians. Tucson: Univ. of Arizona Pr., 1973; pb., 1978. 441 pp. $5.95 pb. Bilingual edition of tales recorded by the Saxtons as well as edited from collections of others. Bibliography, notes, alphabet, vocabulary. An important source of Southwestern Indian oral traditions.

        Shaw, Anna Moore (Pima). Pima Indian Legends. Tucson: Univ. of Arizona Pr., 1968; pb. 1978. 111 pp. $2.95 pb. Pima legends retold by a tribal member.

        Smith, Annette and David Jones, eds. Tales from the River Desert Band, as Recorded by Members of the River Desert Band. Manawaki, Quebec: River Desert Band Council, 1976. 64 pp.

        Stars, Ivan; Peter Iron Shell, and Eugene Buechel, S.J. Lakota Tales and Texts: Wisdom Stories, Customs, Lives, and Instruction of the Dakota Peoples. Ed. with intro. Paul Manhart, S.J. Red Cloud, SD: Lakota Language and Cultural Center, 1979. 399 pp. Texts in Lakota.

        Tedlock, Dennis. Finding the Center: Narrative Poetry of the Zuni Indians. 1971; pb. rpt. Lincoln: Univ. of Nebraska Pr., 1978. 300 pp. $14.50 hb, $4.50 pb. Eight stories from original performances, printed with special typography so the stories can be read aloud to approximate oral narration. Includes an origin story. Authoritative text with notes.

        Vaudrin, Bill (Chippewa), comp. Tanaina Tales from Alaska. Intro. by Joan B. Townsend. 1969; rpt. Norman, OK: Univ. of Oklahoma pr., 1980. 133 pp. $3.95 pb. Tales of the Tanaina Indians of southwestern Alaska collected by Vaudrin (a Minnesota Chippewa), while he lived and taught in Alaska. Introduction provides ethnographic background.

        Walks, Job and Howard Norman. "The Killing of the Moss Falls Windigo." Alcheringa, 4:1 (1978), 84-88. Cree tale.

        Welsch, Roger. Omaha Indian Myths and Trickster Tales. Chicago: Swallow, forthcoming. 350 pp. $15.95 hb. Includes over 70 tales about Trickster, plus annotation and new translations.

        Wood, Nancy. War Cry on a Prayer Feather: Prose and Poetry of the Ute Indians. New York: Doubleday, 1979. $7.95 hb. Collection of oral literature, primarily designed for young people.


        Alford, Thomas Wildcat (Shawnee). Civilization and the Story of the Absentee Shawnees. As told to Florence Drake. Foreword, Angie Debo. Norman, OK: Univ. of Oklahoma Pr., 1980. 203 pp. $5.95 pb. Autobiography. Born in 1860, Alford describes life in the pre-reservation period, his experiences at Hampton Institute, Virginia, and his activities in tribal affairs.

        Allen, Elsie (Pomo). Pomo Basketmaking: A Supreme Art for the Weaver. Happy Camp, CA: Naturegraph, 1972. 67 pp. $7.50 hb; $3.50 pb. In addition to describing how to make baskets, Allen also narrates her life story.

        Allen, Minverva (Assiniboine). Like Spirits of the Past Trying to Break Out and Walk to the West. Albuquerque: Wopai Books, 1974. 51 pp. $3.50 pb. Nicely illustrated chapbook of poetry and a story; most on traditional Indian themes. Address: 2930 Girard Northeast, Albuquerque, NM 87107.

        Barker, George (Swampy Cree). Forty Years a Chief. Winnipeg, Manitoba: 1979. 102 pp. Autobiography.

        Black Bear, Ben, Sr. (Sioux), and R.D. Thiesz. Songs and Dances of the Lakota. Rosebud, SD: Sinte Gleska College, 1976. 137 pp. $6.00 pb. Order from Sinte Gleska College Bookstore, Rosebud, SD 57570. Introduction covers background to songs, voice, song structures and types, drum-beat types, Lakota dance posture and steps. Bi-lingual Lakota-English song texts, with commentary and bibliography.

        Black Elk (Sioux). Black Elk Speaks: Being the Life Story of a Holy Man of the Oglala Sioux. As told to John G. Neihardt. Intro. by Vine Deloria, Jr. Lincoln: Univ. of Nebraska Pr., 1979. 299 pp. $15.00 hb. New edition includes 13 drawings by Standing Bear prepared for original edition, plus documents pertaining to Neihardt's work with Black Elk.

        Blue Cloud, Peter (Aroniawenrate; Mohawk). Back Then Tomorrow. Burnswich, ME: Blackberry, 1978. $1.50. Address: Box 186, Burnswich, ME 04011. Poetry.

        _____. Coyote & Friends. Burnswich, ME: Blackberry, 1976. $1.50. Poetry.

        Borich, Michael (Mesquakie). The Black Hawk Songs. Urbana, IL: Univ. of Illinois Pr., 1975. 86 pp. $5.95 hb; $2.45 pb. Poetry.

        Bruchac, Joseph (Abnaki). The Dreams of Jesse Brown. Austin, TX: Cold Mountain, 1978. 202 pp. $4.00. Address: P. O. Box 5487, Austin, TX 78763. Fiction; blend of history and fantasy.

        _____. Entering Onondaga. Austin, TX: Cold Mountain, 1978. 80 pp. $4.00. Poetry.

        _____. Flow; This Earth is a Drum. Austin, TX: Cold Mountain, 1975. $2.00. Poetry.

        _____. The Good Message of Handsome Lake. Greensboro, NC: Unicorn, 1979. $5.00. Address: P. O. Box 3307, Greensboro, NC 27402. Poetry.

        _____. The Manabozho Poems. Marvin, SD: Blue Cloud Quarterly, 1974. $1.50. Poetry.

        _____. Mu'ndu Wi.'Go: Mohegan Poems. Marvin SD: Blue Cloud Quarterly 1978. $2.00. Poetry based on Mohegan stories and the Mohegan diary of Flying Bird (Mrs. Fidelia A.H. Fielding).

        _____. Teiad. Austin, TX: Cold Mountain, 1976. $3.00. Poetry.

        _____. There Are No Trees in Prison. Burnswich, ME: Blackberry, 1978. $2.50. Address: Box 186, Burnswich, ME 04011. Poetry.

        _____. Translator's Son. Merrick, NY: Cross-Cultural Communications, 1980. 32 pp. Address: 239 Wynsum, Merrick, NY 11566. Poetry.

        Bush, Barney (Shawnee-Cayuga). My Horse and a Juke Box. Los Angeles: UCLA Amer. Indian Culture and Research Center, 1979.

        Carius, Helen Slwooko (Eskimo). Sevukakmet: Ways of Life on St. Lawrence Island. Anchorage: Alaska Pacific Univ. Pr., 1979. 46 pp. $28.00 hb, $9.95 pb. Address: Anchorage, AL 99504. Ethnohistory and autobiography of Eskimo women who overcame polio to marry and rear 3 children. Illustrated by the author.

        Clutesi, George (Nootka). Potlatch. Sidney, Brit. Columbia: Gray's 1969. 188 pp. $3.95 pb. Illus. by author. Fiction. Description of the Potlatch ceremony done with imagination and vividness.

        Coffer, William E. (Choctaw-Cherokee). Phoenix: Decline and Rebirth of the Indian People. Florence, KY: Nostrand, forthcoming.

        _____. Spirits of the Sacred Mountain: Creation Stories of the American Indian. Florence, KY: Van Nostrand, 1978. $8.95 hb. General summary of creation stories.

        Concha, Joseph L. (Taos). Chokecherry Hunters & Other Poems. Santa Fe, NM: Sunstone, 1976. $2.25. Address: P. O. Box 2321, Santa Fe, NM 87501. Poetry.

        Deloria, Ella C. (Sioux) and Franz Boas. Dakota Grammar. Ed. Agnes Picotte. 1939; rpt. Vermillion, SD: Dakota Pr., 1978. 185 pp. $5.95 pb. A reprint of a basic grammar, with no additional commentary.

        _____. Speaking of Indians. Ed. Agnes Picotte and Paul Pavich. 1944; rpt. Vermillion, SD: Dakota Pr., 1979. 108 pp. $5.95 pb. Excellent introduction to Indian world views; particularly to those of the Sioux. Clearly outlines the conflict between Sioux and white perspectives, the impact of the reservation system on tribal life, and adaptation of Sioux customs to modern life.

         Deloria, Vine, Jr. (Sioux). Metaphysics of Modern Existence. San Francisco: Harper, 1979. 233 pp. $8.95. Philosophy. Provocative study forcefully shows how Indian and Western European philosophies and religions differ.

        Dyke, Walter and Ruth A. Dyke (Navajo). Son of Old Hat II: Marriage and Adult Life. New York: Columbia Univ. Pr., 1980. 624 pp. $22.50 hb. Autobiography.

        Forbes, Jack D. (Pohattan). Native Americans of California and Nevada. Happy Camp, CA: Naturegraph, 1969. 202 pp. $9.95 hb; $5.95 pb. Ethnohistory of Indians of California-Nevada regions from prehistoric period to present.

        Grey, Herman (Mohave). Tales from the Mohaves. 1971; rpt. in pb. Norman: Univ. of Oklahoma Pr., 1980. 96 pp. $3.95 pb.

        Greasybear, Charley John. Songs. Boise, ID: Ahsahta, 1979. $2.50. Address: Univ. Bookstore, Boise State Univ., 1910 University Drive, Boise, ID 83725. Poetry.

        Geiogamah, Hanay (Kiowa). New Native American Drama: Three Plays. Foreword by Jeffrey Huntsman. Norman: Univ. of Oklahoma Pr., 1980. 128 pp. $9.95 hb; $4.95 pb. First collection of plays by an Indian playwright. Includes Body Indian, Foghorn, and 49.

        Harjo, Joy (Creek). What Moon Drove Me to This. Berkeley: Reed and Cannon, 1979. $5.95 pb. Poetry.

        Highwater, Jamake (Blackfeet-Cherokee). ANPAO: An American Indian Odyssey. Illus. Fritz Scholder. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1977. $8.95 hb.

        _____. Journey to the Sky. New York: Crowell, 1978. $9.95 hb. Fiction.

        _____. The Sun He Dies. Philadelphia: & Crowell, 1980. 256 pp. $9.95 hb. Fiction.

        Hogan, Linda (Chickasaw). Calling Myself Home. Greenfield Center, NY: Greenfield Review, 1978. 33 pp. $2.00. Poetry.

        Johnston, Basil (Ojibwa). Moose Meat and Wild Rice. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1978. $12.95 hb. Satire and humor.

        Louis, Adrian C. (Paiute). Sweets for the Dancing Bears. Marvin S.D.: Blue Cloud Quarterly, 1979. $2.00. Poetry on Indian themes.

        Librado, Fernando (Chumash). Breath of the Sun. Ed. with notes, Travis Hudson. Banning, CA: Malki Museum Press, 1979. 178 pp. Life in early {10} California as told by Librado to John Harrington during interviews held between 1912-15. Brief bibliography and glossary of people and places.

        Lomakema, Milland and Mark Lomayestewa (Hopi). Two Hopi Song Poets of Shungopavi. Ed. Mike Kabotie. Second Mesa, AZ: Privately Printed, 1978. 26 pp. $2.00. Address: Hopi Arts and Crafts-Silvercraft Cooperative Guild, P. O. Box 37, Second Mesa, AZ 86043. Bi-lingual chapbook of poetry in Hopi and English.

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        Sun Tracks Five: An American Indian Literary Magazine. Ed. Larry Evers, et al. $5.00. Issued annually. Address: Sun Tracks, Dept. of English, Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ 85721. Handsomely produced. Includes interviews with Harold Littlebird and Frank Waters, collections of photographs by Owen Semptewa and Kenji Kawano, as well as photographs of Indian students at Hampton Institute. Native American writers: Jim Barnes, Michael Dorris, Geri Felix, Blair Hess, Linda Hogan, Limawywesa (M. Kabotie), nila northSun. Contains notes on contributors.

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        El Nahuatzen. Room 310 Calvin Hall, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA 52240. Poetry magazine with emphasis on poetry by Chicano and American Indian poets and on quality writing by anyone. First issue includes Paula Gunn Allen, Joseph Bruchac, Maurice Kenny, Joy Harjo, Lance Henson and others. Price: $50--sponsor; $25--patron; $10--friend; $6--subscriber; $2--sample.

        INAD Literary Journal, ed. Simon Ortiz. Institute for Native American Development, Native American Studies, University of New Mexico, 1812 Las Lomas, NE, Albuquerque 87131. Solicits book-length manuscripts. Price: $12.00 for two years; single issues--$6.95.

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Discussion Group on American Indian Literature headed by Kenneth M. Roemer at the December MLA meeting in New York: Kathleen Sands, Story and Audience: Creating a Papago Autobiography"; Larry Evers, "`Hey, hey, listen': The Audience of a Hopi Song"; "`Now We Take It Up': The Dialogical Ground of the Storytelling Monologue," by Dennis Tedlock; and "The Seven Sisters," by N. Scott Momaday. . . Don't Miss it!!!

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A special Native American number for PACIFIC QUARTERLY MOANA is planned for July of 1983, guest editor Ralph Salisbury, Dept of English, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR 97403. Contributions, which may include poems, chants, stories, essays, folktales, dance-descriptions, musical scores, in English or native languages, should be six pages or less. Contributors should note that MOANA, besides addressing an American audience, is aimed at peoples of the South Pacific and Southest Asia, for the journal is issued from New Zealand....



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