Native American Literature Proseminar II 

Native American Literature:  From the Oral Tradition to Post-Modernism.


Week one:  We will be getting acquainted at this meeting, but I will also give a lecture on the Native American Renaissance.  This lecture will serve as an introduction to the course.  Each student should get a copy of the story "The Man to Send Rain Clouds" by Leslie Marmon Silko from the one available in the English Library for this seminar meeting.  We will discuss it in class if there is time.  If not, we will discuss it at the second meeting.


Students wishing to earn a Schein for this seminar must present an in-class oral report.  The nature of these reports and some potential topics for them will be discussed at the first class meeting.  These reports should be presented as early in the term as possible. I will also talk about the requirements for the term paper at this first class meeting.   


I advise students to start on the reading as soon as possible, as the reading load will get pretty heavy later in the term.  The first few weeks we will be working on readings that are available for copying at the English Library. 


Week two:  Selections from North American Indian Reader (out of print, but these selections will be available in the Seminar Library for copying):  "Sioux Genesis" pp. 125-126; "Ben Kindle's Winter Count," pp. 135-157; and the section "Oratory" which contains selections by various speakers, pp. 242-256.


Week three:  This session will be devoted to poetry, but I have not yet made all of the selections.  They will be announced at the first class meeting and copies will be made available.  I have a short video tape of Joy Harjo reading from her poetry and an audio tape of her reading another poem which we will see and hear and discuss in this meeting of the seminar.


Week four:  Please read the following short stories for this seminar meeting: Simon Ortiz, "Kaiser and the War" and "The Killing of a State Cop" and Leslie Marmon Silko, "Tony's Story."   These stories are in Ken Rosen's The Man to Send Rainclouds.


Week five:  Leslie Marmon Silko's poem "Storytelling", and her short story "Yellow Woman" from The Man to Send Rainclouds.


Week six:  Leslie Marmon Silko short stories, "Bravura," and "A Geronimo Story" from The Man to Send Rainclouds.


Week seven:  N. Scott Momaday, The Way to Rainy Mountain.


Week eight:  The Way to Rainy Mountain.


Week nine:  Louise Erdrich, Tracks.


Week ten:  Tracks.


Week eleven:  Leslie Marmon Silko, Ceremony.


Week twelve:  Ceremony.


Week thirteen:  Sherman Alexie, Flight.


Week fourteen:  Flight.


Week fifteen:  Sherman Alexie, The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian.